If you’re trying to be healthy this year and it’s not really working out because you are always hungry after eating a bowl of leaves or a little hand full of granola, the Asian cuisine has you covered. Hot pot is the easiest dish to make for a large group or one really hungry person.

Since you are sharing one or two hot pots, going out is cheap because you’re splitting the bill and like most Asian cuisines, you cook with everyone at the table. (Yes, you’ll have to actually put your phone down and cook your meal ‘n converse.)

Hot pot is famous for their good broths, dipping sauces, fresh ingredients, thinly sliced meats, and there are no artificial oils added.

#SpoonTip: The more vegetables, the healthier it gets.

We have picked for you the top 6 hot pot restaurants you should dine at on Oʻahu.

1. Ichiriki

Hot Pot

Photo courtesy of @ichirikinabe on Instagram

If you want to experience lunch or dinner like you’re in Japan, this is the place to go. Sitting on cushions, taking your shoes off, cute lanterns, you name it. Unlike most hot pot restaurants that rely on their dipping sauces to complete the dish, Ichiriki has their broths down, so there’s no need for dipping sauce.

Traditional Japanese hot pot/nabe is more simple (yet delicious), so don’t expect a bunch of ingredient options when you look at the menu. One thing I really like about Ichiriki is that you can finish off your hot pot with your leftover soup base with an order of Zosui (as well as udon or ramen).

This restaurant is more upscale, so if you’re looking for a cheap lunch/dinner, it’s probably not the best choice, but perfect for a special occasion.

Do they take reservations? Yes. 

Is there free parking? Yes. (lot behind [lunch weekdays: free until 6 pm, lunch weekends: 1$ per hour, dinner: anytime after 6pm 1$/hr] or street parking)

BYOB? No. 

How big can my party be? 10 people tops. 

Is there Happy Hour? 2 pm-6 pm, 9 pm-Close.

2. Asuka Nabe + Shabu Shabu

Hot Pot

Photo courtesy of @xxfreedom_wowxx on Instagram

Unlike the other hot pot/nabe restaurants, you don’t have to get up and grab your ingredients. The cubical seating makes the experience more private with the people you come with. The atmosphere at Asuka Nabe is appropriate for casual dining or even if you feel like being a little fancy.

Even though there are no desserts served there, you can head over to Aloha Crepes next door and get 10% off their shaved ice if you show them your receipt from dinner. If you’re not down for shaved ice, there are many hole in the wall dessert shops close by.

Do they take reservations? Parties 4 for more. 

Is there free parking? No. (Street parking or parking lot behind, $2 fee) 

BYOB? Yes. 

How big can my party be? 8-10 people tops.

When is rush hour? 6 pm-7:30 pm. 

3. Nabeya Maido

Hot Pot

Photo courtesy of @rxnana on Instagram

This restaurant makes you feel comfortable with the help of their friendly staff. Their color coordinated price signs are generously labeled around the room as each ingredient is plated with a certain color. Fortunately, Nabeya Maido is the closest hot pot restaurant from campus.

Do they take reservations? No. 

Is there free parking? Yes. (Parking lot)


How big can my party be? 17 people tops. 

Is there Happy Hour? Open-5:30 pm.

4. Hot Pot Heaven

Hot Pot

Photo courtesy of @yasuhitosato on Instagram

After a good shopping spree at Ala Moana Shopping Center, you can head over here to eat your tiredness away. Hot Pot Heaven also uses the colored plate system but has a good dessert selection of mochi ice cream from the one and only Bubbies. They also have a stamp card where seven stamps earns you a free broth.

Do they take reservations? Yes. 

Is there free parking? Yes. (Parking lot)

BYOB? Yes. 

How big can my party be? 20 people tops. 

When is rush hour? 7 pm-9 pm.

5. Sweet Home Cafe

Hot Pot

Photo courtesy of @tiffyycakess on Instagram

A simple and cozy restaurant but has a wide variety of ingredients to choose from. The big hype about this place is all about the free dessert you get. If you are a big fan of boba, flan, fruits and shaved ice, you’re in for a treat.

Do they take reservations? No.

Is there free parking? Yes. (Parking lot)

BYOB? Yes.

How big can my party be? 13 people tops.

When is rush hour? 5:30 pm-8 pm

6. Hawaii Pot Shabu Shabu House

Hot Pot

Photo courtesy of @livelovelaughlily on Instagram

Conveyor belt meets hot pot and Hawaii Pot Shabu Shabu House was created. The conveyor belt is where it lures new customers in for something different in their regular hot pot routines. Their variety of dipping sauces lets you get creative with different concoctions that can be created. They also have personal hot pots for those days you are feeling antisocial or don’t feel like dealing with splitting checks.

If you aren’t full after dinner, there’s always dessert to order… AKA they have fried ice cream and fried cheesecake.

Hawaii Pot is a small restaurant, so during busy hours, there will be a wait. Luckily, there’s a waitlist policy for when you sign in at the host stand, you can get up to a 30% discount depending on how long you wait.

Do they take reservations? Yes. 

Is there free parking? Yes. (Valet) 

BYOB? No. How big can my party be? 6 people tops.

When is rush hour? 6:30 pm-8 pm