As someone who spends a good chunk of their life in Chipotle, I often wonder what the employees think of the customers and how they order their meals. They always make your burrito with a smile, even when you ask for extra sour cream and every salsa they have.

I'm lucky enough to have a good friend who worked at Chipotle, and she gave me an inside look as to what the employees are really thinking when they make your burrito. I made a list consisting of a few of the crazy things she has told me about her time working at Chipotle. 

1. Ordering their meal at the register instead of where the burrito press is.

Apparently this happens much more than you’d think. You can’t blame a Chipotle newcomer for thinking they should order at the register, but at the same time, can’t you see the line?

2. Welcoming the customer and being interrupted with their order.

“Hey how are —”

“White rice, black beans, chicken.”

I get that some people get nervous when it's their turn to order, but the employees are people too. This isn't the best first impression to give the person in charge of making your meal. Just try to remember that the employees are just trying to make you feel comfortable and welcome in the restaurant. 

3. When people ask for extra meat and expect it to be free.

salad, chicken
Isabel van Weegen

I didn’t know the actual portion size for meat at Chipotle is 4 oz., which is the same amount as a tiny side of salsa. Because the employees understand this struggle, you actually are getting extra meat to begin with. Depending on which type of meat you're ordering, a double serving costs between $2.50-$3.50, which isn't that bad considering you're technically already getting extra. 

4. FaceTiming or taking a phone call while ordering.

During rush hour Chipotle is loud enough, so FaceTiming your Aunt Becky while ordering makes everything more difficult. Your parents always tell you to put the phone down during meals so this shouldn’t be any different. Try to follow the proper restaurant etiquette even though Chipotle may seem like a "fast food" place.

5. Handing the cashier your Chiptopia card after you've already been handed your receipt.

vegetable, salad, herb, pepper, lettuce
Isabel van Weegen

Once you’ve already checked out, there’s no going back. If you want the rewards you have to remember to use your card. I’m guilty of doing this, but during a huge rush the cashier’s job is just to swipe your card and keep the line moving.

#SpoonTip: To prevent this from happening, I'd suggest keeping your Chiptopia card right behind your credit card in your wallet.