As everyone knows, Trader Joe’s is the GOAT of all grocery stores. They have awesome and creative products that you can’t get anywhere else, all at an affordable price. I can spend hours in Trader Joe’s just browsing the aisles and looking at all the food (also eating as many samples as I can get my hands on.) Trader Joe’s is not the grocery store you want to go to if you’re trying to strictly keep to a grocery list. There are always too many delicious, new products that tempt the customers. Here are five new Trader Joe's products I’m excited to try.

1. Brownie Crisp Coffee Ice Cream


Dessert is my favorite meal of the day (yes, I consider dessert a meal,) so these bad boys are at the top of my list of things to buy the next time I’m at Trader Joe’s. A typical ice cream sandwich is done with cookies, so why not make it even better and sandwich the ice cream between brownies? The sandwiches use Trader Joe’s Brownie Crisps to encase the coffee ice cream that's made with coffee syrup, Colombian coffee extract, and espresso grounds. You can see the flecks of espresso grounds in the ice cream and the big chocolate chunks in the brownie crisps. What makes this product even better is that you get four scrumptious sandwiches for just $3.99.

2. Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers

I was lucky enough to be in the store when workers were handing out samples of these new crackers. They tasted exactly like Pizza Goldfish. I know people have strong opinions about Pizza Goldfish, so I think these crackers will be a 'love them' or 'hate them' type of situation. I happen to love Pizza Goldfish and would therefore happily eat these crackers alone, with cheese, or with soup. Try sandwiching a piece of cheddar cheese between two crackers and make your own quick tomato soup and grilled cheese combo without all of the work. Who else but Trader Joe’s would think of making a soup-flavored cracker?

3. Cinnamon Sugar Muffin & Baking Mix

I love baking, but I’m also not ashamed to admit that I love boxed baking mixes. They’re easy, quick, and still taste delicious even if they're not exactly made from scratch. I’m not usually a muffin top person, but when the top is covered with cinnamon sugar yumminess like these muffins are, the top is no doubt the best part. This mix can make up to 12 muffins or one big crumble-topped coffee cake. All you need to add to the mix is water, butter, and an egg. Have a muffin with a cup of coffee for breakfast or top it off with a scoop of ice cream at night for dessert.

4. Zhoug Sauce

To be honest, I had never heard of Zhoug sauce before Trader Joe’s introduced this new product. Pronounced ZOOg, Zhoug is a Middle Eastern spicy herb sauce that originated in Yemen. It is usually made from red or green hot peppers with coriander, garlic, salt, and sometimes black cumin. Trader Joe’s version is made with jalapeño peppers, cilantro, chili flakes, garlic, cardamom, salt, and cumin seed. The sauce is very versatile and can serve as a dip, spread, or condiment. I’m excited to try it as a spread on pita, over a piece of white fish, and even on my pasta.

5. Chipotle Toscano Cheese

Cheese makes everything better, and this new Chipotle Toscano Cheese is sure to upgrade any cheese plate or grilled cheese sandwich. The cheese is a cow’s milk cheese that tastes like a combination of cheddar and parmesan and is rubbed with a blend of chipotle peppers, ground chili pepper, paprika, garlic, oregano, and basil as the cheese ages. The heat of the rub balances the nuttiness of the cheese. Try pairing it with TJ’s new Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers.

These new Trader Joe’s products truly prove that it is the king of all grocery stores. TJ’s is constantly pumping out awesome new products, so there’s always something different and fun to try. I know I’ll be beelining to the Brownie Crisps Coffee Ice Cream Sandwiches the next time I’m in the store. So, next time you’re in Trader Joe’s, I dare you to walk out with buying something that wasn’t on your grocery list.