San Diego natives are spoiled with near-perfect weather, beaches and friendly people. It doesn’t seem like it could get any better than this. However, San Diego is also home to a wide variety of amazing foods. With Little Italy, Convoy and the most authentic Mexican food you can get without actually going to Mexico, San Diego is a foodie’s dream. Here’s six of the foods that encompass the San Diego experience. 

1. Carne Asada Fries

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Thai Yin

Carne asada fries are said to have been created in San Diego at Lolita’s Mexican Food, inspired by a suggestion from their tortilla distributor. This heavenly dish typically consists of french fries, carne asada, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. Instant food baby, but no regrets.

2. In-N-Out

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Grace Lim

Although In-N-Out is no longer just a California thing (there are now restaurants open in several western states including Texas, Utah and Arizona), it’s synonymous with Cali. As San Diego natives know, In-N-Out makes the best post-beach snack.

3. Year-Round Fresh Fruit

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user @littlekiss

San Diego is home to more than 40 weekly farmer’s markets. These farmer’s markets are the perfect place to score the freshest, in-season fruits and vegetables and allow you to support local businesses and farmers. Talk about a win-win.

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4. Açaí bowls

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user @lunchforone

For a beachy twist on breakfast, San Diego has tons of restaurants that serve açaí bowls. An açaí bowls is like a thick smoothie topped with fresh fruit and granola. In addition to the great taste, açaí bowls feature the açaí berry, a Brazilian superfood known for its health benefits Finally, a guilt-free dessert.

5. Authentic Asian Food

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Barron Fujimoto

San Diego is home to a wide variety of Asian restaurants including authentic Chinese, Korean and Japanese foods. Convoy in Kearny Mesa is the mecca for Asian food. According to the Convoy District website, its like Chinatown, Thai Town and Koreatown all rolled into one area. Here you can find Korean BBQ, hot pot, sushi and ramen houses all within walking distance of each other.