Whether you're from a small town in central Wisconsin or grew up on the bustling streets of Manhattan, you probably have heard a thing or two about the food in California. Produce is thriving, cuisine is diverse wherever you go, and the presentation almost always makes for a perfect Instagram.

So, yeah - it's no surprise that those of us who are away for most of the year have serious withdrawals. Here's a list of some of the foods that common California-raised millennials definitely miss on a daily basis.

1. In-N-Out 

I'm not going to even try to avoid this one: we all can agree that there's no replacement for their infamous secret sauce or their perfectly smooth milkshakes.

In-N-Out's versatility of acting as both drunk food and awesome on a road trip pit stop makes the chain something to seriously dream about year-round. And, as any true west-coast born foodie can attest, Shake Shack and Culver's don't even come close to satisfying this craving.

Although In-N-Out has locations sprinkled across the West Coast, it has definitely made a name for itself as a poster child for "California food." I'm all for petitioning to expand the franchise to the Central and Eastern United States...who's with me?! 

2. Real, authentic Mexican food 

lettuce, meat, tacos, vegetable
Alex Vu

Chipotle sometimes doesn't cut it when you're craving a traditional soft taco filled with everything you would want - especially when you'd rather not pay extra for guac. 

Since I have lived in Los Angeles all my life, I can tell you that you'll be able to find more Mexican restaurants within a 3-mile radius compared to most other cities in America. And 85% of the time, it's family-owned, with a traditional style atmosphere, which makes the experience all the better. 

Considering California's proximity to Mexico, it's no surprise that the state is known for it's Mexican cuisine. The now nationwide franchises Taco Bell, Baja Fresh, and Del Taco all originated in CA, and that has to count for something.

3. *Decent* berries all year round

It's a commonly known fact that blueberries, raspberries, strawberries all thrive in the "berry season," which is summer. California is one of the only exceptions to this, and we have our 365 days of unchanging (for the most part) weather to thank for that.

There's nothing better than picking up berries at the store knowing that they're going to be sweet, whether it's a rainy day in November or mid-70s in April. All I can say is that I miss blueberries that don't make my lips pucker from how sour they are. 

4. Next-level Acai bowls

Most people can probably agree that the Acai bowls you see from the beach cities of California look pretty extra, but that doesn't mean they aren't as good as they look.

The trendy, exotic bowls have quickly spread across the nation, yet none have mastered the flavor quite like the West Coast has. I'm not sure if it's the quality of the ingredients, or the exotic toppings that are offered, but whatever it is, I know the California coast makes better Acai bowls better than it's Midwest and East Coast counterparts. 

5. Avocado as a core food group

If there's one stigma that people have made about California, it's that everyone is obsessed with avocados. For the most part, they're not wrong. Any restaurant you visit will probably serve it on, or in the majority of foods.

Salads, sandwiches, eggs, smoothies, ice cream, and even burger buns feature avocado. It's a good thing the superfood is beneficial for health, because the entire state population would probably be 10 pounds heavier if it wasn't. 

I think we can all pretty much all agree that some of the foods found in the Golden State are over-the-top extra. But, any California foodie can confirm that an acai bowl overflowing with fresh fruit or a $3, high-quality taco is what really makes the world go 'round.