I never appreciated honey (honestly, I didn’t even like it) until my dad, a true paradigm of all that is sustainable faming, picked up beekeeping as his latest hobby. Commonly referred to as “Liquid Gold” for its superfood-like health benefits, honey is as tasty as it is versatile.

Recent studies have shown that honey not only boosts energy and decreases fatigue, but consuming even a tablespoon of honey a day is also proven to fight cancer (and hangovers!). If a cancer-free, hangover-free life isn’t reason enough to get more honey in your diet ASAP, maybe one of these simple, but delicious uses will BEE enough.

1. Peanut Butter, Banana and Honey Sandwich


Photo courtesy of newsday.com

Behold the vegetarian-friendly version of the famous Elvis’ famous peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. Though it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser any way you prepare it, try placing the sandwich in a panini press for an even more mouth-watering treat.

2. Coconut Macaroons


Photo by Natalie Choy

No, these are not Ladureé-level macarons, but they are just as tasty and can even be homemade. As with any baking, simply substitute the sugar or agave nectar with equal proportions of honey and you’re on your way to a happier, healthier (and more delicious) life.

3. Honey and Fruit Smoothie


Photo by Rachel Piorko

The next time you wake up with a hangover that makes you feel like the whole world has forgotten you, get yourself out of bed and make a smoothie.

Combine a cup of yogurt or milk with whatever fresh (or frozen) fruit you have, place it into a blender and top off with a big spoonful of honey. Honey’s richness in antioxidants will help your body flush out all of those unwanted toxins so you can get on with your day.

#SpoonTip: Check out my favorite honey banana smoothie here.

4. Granola Bars


Photo by Rachel Conners

Whether it’s a job, midterms, family, friends or just life in general, some weeks we’re just always on the go. Granola bars are the perfect snack to throw in your purse or backpack when its one of those crazy busy days. To avoid the unnecessary processing and added sugars that plague most of the store bought varieties, make your own (hint: for all you Chewy Bar addicts out there, these come with all the same flavor and half the guilt).

5. A Big Spoonful


Photo courtesy of cleaneatingmag.com

If you like your food how you life (plain and simple, that is) then take your honey how my beekeeper dad does… a big spoonful. You’ll get all of the nutritional benefits without the fuss of actually preparing anything. What could be better?