1. Sweet Ali Custom Confections

Sweet Ali Custom Confections are the best treats to send for Valentine's Day. My favorite sweet to order is definitely one of the custom platters. You can customize them with fun pictures for any event. Sweet Ali's can makes everything from chocolate dipped Oreos to Rice Krispy treats, pretzels popcorn and more. If you are craving something chocolatey, Sweet Ali is the way to go.

2. Maggie Louise Confections

Maggie Louise Confections are the perfect gift to send someone to show how much they mean to you. These custom hand painted chocolates are so intricate and don't even look like chocolate! They come neatly packaged and look beautiful in and out of the box. Maggie Louise has various flavors of chocolates, different themes, and fun colors for any occasion, but their Valentine's Day chocolates are definitely my favorite!

3. Sugarfina

This high end candy store can make anyone smile. From their wide variety of flavors and candies, to their sizes and packaging, Sugarfina will really brighten your day! The best Valentine's Day candies include their limited edition treats for Valentine's Day.  And don't forget to try Royal Roses, Watermelon Slices, and Ice Cream cones! My personal favorite are the Sugarlips! They are seriously addicting and are the perfect treat for your Valentine. 

4. Baked by Melissa

Anyone who tries Baked by Melissa (BBM) cupcakes, knows just how yummy they really are. Each bite-sized cupcake has the perfect ratio of cake to icing. BBMs are also such a fun gift to open to see all of the fun flavors and designs! The best original flavors are the Tye-dye, Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet and Chocolate Chip Pancake! The Valentine's Day packs are the perfect gift—especially because they are totally decked out in heart sprinkles and pink and red spirit. 

5. Treat House

These delicious, decadent rice cereal treats are one of a kind!  When it comes to Treat House, the possibilities really are endless. You can mix and match flavors and pictures to make the perfect gift to send anyone you love. Treat House's themed trays, platters, and gift boxes are the ultimate treats to send for Valentine's Day.