At a loss of what to send your best friend for their birthday? Don’t know what to send your family for the holidays? What is every college student dying to receive in a care package? The answer is food, duh.

1. Baked by Melissa


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Based in New York City, these classic mini cupcakes have been trending for some time now. These packages of 25 or 50 cupcakes are the perfect gift and will brighten up anyone’s day.

2. Treat House


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These tasty treats are perfect for all my rice krispy lovers out there. These delectable, fun-sized desserts are the perfect gift. You can choose from a variety of flavors ranging from chocolate pretzel to birthday cake to hot cocoa to bubblegum. Coming in packs of twelve, these treats are decently priced at around twenty four dollars, which makes for a great present.

3. Momofuku Milk Bar

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Momofuku cake truffles. ‘Nuff said. These heavenly treats will make everyone jealous of you. They come in packs of twelve and will only cost you sixteen dollars. Talk about a bargain, amirite?

4. Wicked Good Cupcakes


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Are you a cupcake fanatic? Wicked Good Cupcakes are no ordinary cupcakes, but rather delicious desserts that come in a jar. These are ready-to-eat treats for anytime, anywhere. These come many flavors, such as peanut butter, birthday cake, and red velvet.

5. Stuffed Cookies


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Attention cookie lovers: imagine all of your favorite flavors packed into one extraordinary cookie. Peanut butter, red velvet, pretzels, apple pie-you name it, they’ve got it. These treats range anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars, making for a perfect, reasonable gift.

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