For indecisive eaters like me, going into the granola bar aisle at the grocery store can be pretty overwhelming. I usually pick out all of the peanut butter chocolate bars (which there are tons of) and then read the nutrition label on each one. This slow elimination process takes forever, and by that point, I could have just made my own bar at home. Thankfully, I've finally chosen my top five post workout bars that come through every time. 

I've ranked them in terms of price, tastiness, and healthiness. As far as spending money goes, I'm not going to buy a $3-$4 bar—that's pretty ridiculous. I try to keep it in the $1.50-$2.50 range. Tastiness is obviously super important too—if it wasn't, I could get my post workout protein from sardines and cottage cheese and call it good.

With the bars I've chosen, it's genuinely a treat to eat them, not a chore. For my definition of healthiness, I look for a few things: no refined sugar, few ingredients, high in protein, and not too high in calories. (Some bars out there are literally 400 calories; I asked for a snack not a meal!)

1. RX Bars

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Jamie Hegg

RX Bars are easily my favorite. They check off all my boxes to become my top post workout bar. The base of these bars contains only 3-4 ingredients, (nuts, dates, and egg whites!) and "No B.S." as they advertise. They've got over 13 flavors and are sold at most grocery stores (Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Safeway, Target, etc.). If you're not a fan of chewy bars, these might not be for you, but personally I think they're pure deliciousness. 

Price: These bars are usually around $2.00. I've found that they're often on sale at some grocery stores for $1.75. In addition, if you order in bulk on Amazon, or look on their website for specials, you can save a couple bucks.

My Favorite Flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt, Blueberry, Maple Sea Salt

2. Square Bars

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Jamie Hegg

Square Bars might come in as the tastiest on this list. They're basically your workout bar and dessert mixed into one. While these are a bit high in sugar, it's 100 percent natural coconut nectar, which has a very low glycemic index. In addition, they contain 10-13 grams of completely plant-based protein. You can find these in any chain health food store.

Price: These come in at a little over $2.00. They're a bit pricey for how small they are, but are SO worth it. 

My Favorite Flavors: Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter (Very similar tasting to Butterfingers), Chocolate Coated Coconut

3. Kind Bars

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Jamie Hegg

Kind Bars are great for a lot of reasons. They are made primarily just with nuts and natural sugars. In addition, you can find Kind Bars almost anywhere. I've seen them in every grocery store, Target, gas stations, and even Starbucks. However, when it comes to protein, not all of the bars have a sufficient amount to be considered a good post workout option. When choosing your Kind Bar, pick one with at least 6 grams of protein. Stay away from the grain bars (they are super low in protein) and the breakfast bars (they have lots of added sugar).

Price: Another positive about Kind Bars is their low price. You can usually get them for no more than $1.50.

My Favorite Flavors: These are also some of the highest in protein: Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla Almond, Almond Walnut Macadamia

4. GoMacro Thrive Bars

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Jamie Hegg

For number four, I went with GoMacro Thrive Bars, as opposed to the original GoMacro Bar. Although the Original GoMacro is higher in protein, it is also higher in price, sugar, and calories. The GoMacro Thrive Bars are made up of mostly nuts and seeds, and are sweetened naturally. These bars are the perfect  mix of chewy and crunchy. If you're looking for something super high in protein, I would choose something else, but for after a lighter workout, these low calorie bars are ideal. You can find these at most grocery stores, as well as Target and 7-Eleven. 

Price: $2.00-$2.50

My Favorite Flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Nuts Chocolate and Sea Salt, Ginger Lemon

5. Think Thin Protein Nut Bar

Jamie Hegg

The Think Thin brand comes in last on my list because they tend to use a lot of processed soy product; however, the Protein Nut Bars get most of their protein from nuts and seeds rather than soy. These come in at nine grams of protein, and even less sugar. Compared to many bars out there that have over 20 grams of sugar, these bars are a great pick. If you like pretty traditional granola bars, you'll probably like the flavor of these. They're crunchy, and often topped with a little chocolate drizzle (because you deserve to reward yourself after that workout!). I've seen these at literally every grocery store, so you'll always be able to find a healthy bar!

Price: $1.50

My Favorite Flavors: I've only had the Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel, but it basically tastes like a nutty dessert, so it gets a thumbs up from me. 

I couldn't write this article without giving an honorable mention to Perfect Bars. The taste and nutrition is perfect, but they're expensive, high in calories, and have to be refrigerated. If you feel like treating yourself one day, go buy a Perfect Bar. You won't regret it. 

Now that you have a list of some quality, high-protein post workout bars, go stock up, workout, and enjoy.