I love coffee as much as the next person, but in my opinion, it will never compare to tea. I get by with just about any tea and any brand, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the brand Celestial Seasonings. They have a variety of herbal and green teas, as well as a full collection of "sleepy time" teas. However, my personal favorites are definitely their fruity teas. I like drinking these any time of day, afternoon and night, and when I'm watching a movie at night, or if I'm working on something and I want something to sip on. Although all their teas are delicious, here are 5 of their fruity teas, ranked, starting with my absolute favorite. 

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Rebecca Buechler

1. Raspberry Zinger 

This fruity blend is made with raspberries and a hint of hibiscus, which makes it a little tart. In addition to the great taste, it brews to a beautiful red-pink color, which is pretty when served iced in clear cups. I highly recommend this one if you love this berry and are looking for something sweet, yet not so sweet, that will help you relax and feel zen.

2. True Blueberry

Blueberry is the first tea I ever tried from Celestial Seasonings. I drank it a lot a few years ago and left it alone for a while. Recently, I have come back to it and it reminded me of why I loved this one originally! Some teas call themselves a specific flavor and don't deliver, with the tea tasting nothing like it's supposed to. This is definitely not one of those times. If I was tasting it blindfolded, one of my first guesses would be blueberry or grape, since it seems to combine both of those flavors. Highly recommend for my blueberry people!

3. Lemon Zinger 

If you like anything lemon, you'll definitely want to look into this flavor. This tea has a strong lemon flavor, which makes it tart, yet refreshing. It kind of tastes like a lemon green tea and hibiscus tea hybrid, which I am totally into. It is more lemon-forward, but still tastes nice. Perfect iced on a hot day!

4. Wild Berry Zinger 

This herbal tea tastes like a mixture of blueberry, strawberry and hibiscus. I personally love everything hibiscus, so this tea is right up my alley. If you like the tart taste of berries and don't want something too decadent, Wild Berry Zinger is a perfect place to start!

5. Cinnamon Apple Spice 

This tea smells similar to apple cider, which is personally one of my favorite fall drinks (besides a Pumpkin Latte, of course), so I love this about this tea. However, I was not particularly a fan of this tea, and I had been hesitant since the beginning. I wish that this tea tasted a little more like apple cider, perhaps a bit sweeter and more tart.

All Celestial Seasonings teas are great, but these five are perfect places to begin if you are new to teas or want to switch up your morning coffee routine. The best part? You can enjoy tea, especially any tea from this brand, hot or cold, in popsicles, baked goods....the possibilities are endless!