In college we eat, sleep, study, and work out all on campus. Because of this, sometimes it can feel as if we're completely isolated from the outside world. When you're feeling a little out of touch from reality, it's always nice to change up your scenery a bit. In my own experience, the best way to recharge is by venturing off campus to a quiet café where I can do some work and munch on a delicious snack. Luckily, there are more than enough options to do so in Winston-Salem. Keep reading to discover the perfect café for you.

1. Camino Bakery 

Camino Bakery is located downtown on West 4th Street. Here you'll find a mix of both locals and students who are craving a cozy place to relax, while enjoying the café's unique drink, pastry, and lunch options. They offer free Wi-Fi and a variety of seating arrangements, both indoor and outdoor, allowing you to choose the study space that best suits your individual needs. There are tables for two, high-top seating, and booth-style tables for bigger study groups. Plus, no matter what time of day you are there, you can always find something delicious to snack on. From muffins and cupcakes to quiches and flatbreads, that's only just the beginning. At Camino you will feel refreshed and nourished in an upbeat environment. 

2. West End Coffeehouse 

Maya Greenfeld

West End Coffeehouse is a small café located at the corner of Brookstown and 4th Street. It has a very cozy and relaxing feel not to mention amazing food. There are four-person tables, as well as comfy couches to complete all types of homework assignments. They have everything from coffee and lattes to fruit smoothies, as well as pastries and gelato! Who doesn't need some ice cream to spice up a dull study session? And from time to time, they even offer some delicious pies (my favorite was the special Mac and Cheese pie). This little spot has friendly service and a quiet ambiance, so it will feel like a home away from home. 

3. Krankie's Coffee 

Maya Greenfeld

Krankie's is a Winston-Salem favorite. Situated in a remodeled warehouse, the open and inviting environment is the perfect place to get away from the bustle of school life. Located on 3rd Street, Krankies is just a short walk away from Wake Downtown. There is typical indoor seating with square tables or high tops, as well as an outdoor patio with round tables and umbrellas. The coffee shop offers baked goods, drinks, brunch, lunch and even dinner, so you can study here at all hours of the day.

4. Atelier Bakery on Trade Street 

Maya Greenfeld

Atelier is a Winston-Salem hidden gem. This bakery is a cozy, quiet space to crack down on some studying. There are couches, spacious round tables, and picnic-style seating, so you'll stay relaxed and focused. Aside from the comforting inside, the food tastes as if your mom made it, making you feel right at home. From classic treats like croissants to specialty pastries and tarts, Atelier is perfect for when you’re looking for a more sophisticated menu in a laid-back atmosphere. 

5. Twin Hive Coffee Lounge 

Maya Greenfeld

Twin City, located on Brookstown Avenue, is everything you could ask for in a coffee shop. Throughout the café you will bask in solemn music, but with multiple rooms you can choose the vibe. The main room has a living room feel, complete with couches, a fireplace, and low lighting. The second room is more isolated from the rest of the lounge and has a big window with lots of natural lighting and tables filling the area. And to make this place even more appealing, the food is beyond belief. They have coffees, teas, and espressos to keep you energized, as well as baked goods, bagels, and fruit.

We all need to take a break from the everyday craziness of our college lives. Going to a cozy café with comfy seating and delicious pastries is the perfect way to refuel and recharge off-campus.