We all love food, right? Do you love it enough to wear it? Or have it hanging on your wall? No, I don't mean throwing food at the walls or on yourself (but if you do, no judgements) I mean the best food-related products for anything besides eating. Food is a huge part of my life; I write about it, I think about it, I eat it so why not add it to more parts of my life? Here are 4 of the coolest food-related products that aren't food.

1) Delicacies Jewelry

This jewelry is tasteful and wildly accurate! Delicacies Jewelry, sold on Etsy, makes sterling silver and 14K gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings in the shapes of your favorite foods. These pieces take devotion to food to a whole new level. There are donuts, countless shapes of pasta, basil leaves, avocados, chickens, cows, corn, crabs and more!

2) INKED by Dani

If you love food enough that you want to show it on your skin, these temporary tattoos are for you! INKED by Dani has transformed from a love of drawing into a full-fledged business that includes awesome, food-themed temporary tattoos for all the loyal foodies out there. There are gummy bears, avocados, tacos, cupcakes and more! In addition to INKED by Dani’s Foodie Pack and single food-themed tats, the brand offers fun and chic tattoos perfect for music festivals, beach days, life milestones and every occasion!

3) ArtSugar

ArtSugar is a digital e-commerce site where you can buy or rent cool, contemporary framed art prints at affordable prices. The company offers food-themed prints that look so good, you’ll want to lick the pictures off your walls after hanging them! These pieces feature fruit, cake, cookies, pasta and even an entire collection just featuring Starbursts, by artist Dara Piken.

4) Happy Socks

These socks look good enough to eat! Seriously though, I get hungry looking at them! Happy Socks is a Swedish undergarment company mainly focusing on socks. They range in different cuts and designs but their most popular is the high food socks. There’s mac n’ cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, chef hats, ice cream, carrots, pizza- the list goes on and on.

Enjoy having food in a different part of your life! Whether it be in your bedroom, on your skin or as an accessory, there's always room for a lil more food!