Bagels are easily one of the most lovable foods out there. They come in a variety of flavors and can be the foundation of an awesome sandwich. My appreciation for bagels got me thinking about where I could find other bagel sandwiches in Charleston. So, I set out to try a new bagel sandwich from four different bagel shops in the Charleston area. 

1. WINNER-Bagel Nation, Folly Rd. 

Sara Burd

I chose the Mount Pleasant bagel sandwich. It's an everything bagel with a fried egg, pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, and honey mustard. I also got turkey sausage, hash browns and coffee. 

Judging Categories:

Price: $4.50 for a sandwich.

Taste: SO GOOD WOW. They make their bagels on location, fry their own eggs, and have a variety of sandwich choices. 

Quality of Bagel: The bagel itself was great! Perfectly chewy and has lots of flavor. 

Location: It's on Folly Road, which is a little far if you're trying to just roll out of bed and go to class or work downtown. 

Other: Bagel Nation also offers a lot of side dishes and has an entire counter of different coffees. 

2. Tricera Coffee, George St.

Sara Burd

I've eaten bagel sandwiches at Tricera Coffee quite a few times in the past few months, and I always get the same thing-an egg and cheddar cheese on an everything bagel. It's simple and they do it well. 

Price: $4.75 for the sandwich.

Taste: They put TWO eggs on their sandwiches, which I think is a big plus and the cheese is always perfectly melty. I love that they're version of a simple egg and cheese is so good, it doesn't need bacon or sausage to make it stand out. 

Quality of Bagel: I've only tried their everything bagel, but it's great and holds its own against the gooeyness of melted cheese and runny yolks. 

Location: It's on George St. and right next to my work and school, so location is a plus! 

Others: They have relatively fast service, considering how packed it can be with all of the students in between classes. 

3. Charleston Bagel Co., Mount Pleasant 

Sara Burd

I went with the Staten Island. It's an everything bagel with fried eggs, pastrami, and Swiss cheese and a side of hash browns.

Price: $5.39 for the sandwich.

Taste: Everything was great on the sandwich. I chose this one because it's similar to the one I got at Bagel Nation. 

Quality of Bagel: The bagel wasn't that great, it was really salty. I loved everything else, but the salt was overpowering. 

Location: It's all the way out in Mount Pleasant near Belle Hall. It's way too far to drive for a bagel sandwich if you don't have another reason to be in the area.

Other: They do offer a variety of sides and sandwich options. It felt like the Mount Pleasant version of Bagel Nation, just not as amazing. I would go again if I was in the area. 

4. North Central Delicatessen, Huger St.

Sara Burd

I usually order a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, but this time I tried the French Piglet. It's a French toast bagel with cinnamon toast cream cheese, scrambled egg, a sausage patty, and melted Swiss cheese. It covers all of the breakfast bases. It's SO good. 

Price: $8.00 for a single patty sandwich. North Central Deli is the most expensive bagel shop in the area, which is a bummer for college students. BUT they do give away free bagels all the time on their Instagram-check it out! @charlestondeli

Taste: This sandwich is amazing when it comes to flavor. It's a perfect mixture of sweet and salty. You need to try it at least once. It's one of the most unique bagel sandwiches in Charleston. 

Quality of Bagel: Their bagels are shipped in from A&S Bagels in NY, which means they are sometimes a little chewier than you'd want. However, they are probably the only deli in Charleston that serves REAL NYC bagels. 

Location: They're located in a little shop on Huger St. near Hampton Park. No worries if you don't live close enough to walk, they also deliver! Gotta love a deli that delivers you warm bagel sandwiches. 

Other: While their prices may be expensive, North Central Deli sells German Haribo candies (my fave) and other NYC deli classics like hot dogs and black & white cookies. 

Charleston has a fun selection of bagel sandwiches and each shop offers something special and delicious. Hopefully, this list included your favorite spot! If not, maybe it inspired you to go exploring just like I did! Happy eating :)