What better and more efficient way to see Europe than via Eurail or Interrail? For those of you who don’t know what they are, they’re handy train passes that allow you to travel the continent on the rails–with up to 30 countries to chose from. The package you buy determines how many days of travel you’re allowed, but most people head out for at least one month.

But traveling the continent by train can be a lot. To make things a little easier for you, here’s a quick and easy list of some of the top-rated places to eat in each major city of the countries included in the passes. Rated by hungry travelers and locals alike, you’re sure to find something. And better yet, they’re all right by the train station so you’re sorted as soon as you arrive.

1. Amsterdam – Omelegg


Photo courtesy of @GuillhemVellut on flickr.com

Chow down on one of their many omelettes for a hearty breakfast, brunch or lunch. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you could even go for their special weekly omelette creation. Perfect for summer when you haven’t got the dining hall’s ingredients available.

2. Athens – Funky Gourmet


Photo courtesy of @my_easy_gourmet on Instagram

Ok, so it’s not exactly budget but if you’ve got some spare €€€s lying around then this is where you need to spend them. Everything smokes and bubbles – like chem class except fun and delicious. And the coffee is red and comes served in a wine glass. Like, what?

3. Belgrade – Radost Fina Kuhinjica


Photo courtesy of @private.food.investigators on Instagram

This hidden away vegan/vegetarian restaurant might be just what you need to reboot those dwindling vitamin levels as living on a train and out of a backpack starts to take its toll.

4. Berlin – Flamingo Fresh Food Bar


Photo courtesy of @doodleprints on Instagram

Cheap and cheerful, but not lacking in quality, this place will start you off right for your time in Berlin ‘cus we both know you’ll spend the rest of your visit with a beer in one hand and a bratwurst in the other.

5. Bratislava – Prasna Basta


Photo courtesy of @pastability on Instagram

This restaurant ranks really highly among its competition. People are drawn to its bargain prices, huge portions, and local cuisine so why not hit it up if you’re in the area?

6. Brussels – ‘t Bagientje 


Photo courtesy of @lisedesmet on Instagram

A hotel, restaurant, and tea room – this local favourite comes highly recommended for traditional Flemish cuisine and is known for its friendly staff.

7. Budapest – Huszar Restaurant

Photo courtesy of @vera_89_hotmailcom on Instagram

Live string band, dirt cheap, and Hungarian culinary classics – what more could you ask for? Traditional Hungarian decor? Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered on that too.

8. Bucharest – Pukka Tukka


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

You could probably find cheaper places to eat in the area, but not at this standard of quality. This organic food bar has got you sorted for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and ranks as one of the top ten restaurants in the entire city.

9. Copenhagen – Andersen Bakery

Photo courtesy of @laurena1811 on Instagram

Where better to get a Danish pastry than from the capital of Denmark??? Perfect for breakfast or coffee ft. treats–the hardest part will be choosing what to have.

10. Dublin – The Lotts Café Bar


Photo courtesy of @AdamBruderer on flickr.com

Of course its got to be an Irish pub. Good pub grub + pub quizzes + sports on the big screen = full Irish experience.

11. Helsinki – La Torrefazione


Photo courtesy of @MikaelLeppa on flickr.com

People live for the coffee and also rave about the brunch.  If you arrive a little later in the day that’s no problem either, their sandwich options are plentiful.

12. Istanbul – Cafe Mese


Photo courtesy of @aksugursel on Instagram

Pizza, pasta, salads, omelettes, breakfast plates, quesadillas, traditional Turkish options–this place has got it all. Even the pickiest member of your group should find something to enjoy here.

13. Krakow – Milkbar Tomasza


Photo courtesy of @GarrettZiegler on flickr.com

Cheap, Polish food that comes in big portions that won’t disappoint. The only issue is that it’s a pretty small place so try going early to make sure you get a table.

14. Lisbon – A Ginjinha Espinheira


Photo courtesy of @InayailideLeonPersson on flickr.com

OK, so ~technically~ this is a bar and doesn’t serve food but we’re all about that liquid diet. Ginjinha is a Portuguese liquor made by infusing ginjha berries (i.e. sour cherries) with alcohol and sugar. They’re served with a cherry in the bottom so it’s basically a meal, right?? This spot is a big deal and has attracted quite a fan-base.

15. Ljubljana – Centralna Postaja


GIF courtesy of giphy.com

This place is v trendy. It’s a coffee shop/restaurant/computer centre/information centre during the day and then transforms into a bar/club at night. You could literally stay here all day long and have everything you need.

16. London – Pizza Union


Photo courtesy of @AndyL on flickr.com

London is an expensive place to eat out so you’re lucky that this gem is so close to Kings Cross. Thin, crispy, fire-baked pizzas attract the crowds at a relatively cheap price. It’s not a fancy venue but the pizza sure is good.

BTW, the UK is only included in the Interrail pass.

17. Luxembourg City – L’Annexe


Photo courtesy of @zoetnet on flickr.com

A little further afield, L’Annexe Brasserie is a 15-20 min walk from the train station. Reasonable prices for quality food is a combo that’ll please most so why not check it out?

18. Macedonia – Kaj Pero


Photo courtesy of @ristovskaemma on Instagram

Locals rank it highly and whilst the reviews are mostly in Macedonian, 5 stars is 5 stars in any language. Lonely Planet also rates it as a ‘top pick’ so what are you waiting for?

19. Madrid – Matilda Cafe Cantina

GIF courtesy of giphy.com

This hip, quirky place is ideal for chilling out with a book or watching the world go by whilst enjoying traditional Spanish dishes. Its decor is adorable and will definitely get the Instagram likes rolling in.

20. Montenegro – Pod Volat

Photo courtesy of @tejammd on Instagram

The simple but high-quality local cuisine and large portions makes this a local favourite. Best suited to meat eaters though, veggies might wanna give this one a miss.

21. Oslo – Den Glade Gris


Photo courtesy of @catherinesqueee on Instagram

Another meat-eaters’ paradise, especially pork. The pork knuckle (pictured) gets a nod and the local beers available are also widely recommended.

22. Paris – La Petit Rose des Sables


People rave about the food and wine at this little place but they REALLY go wild for the staff. Although the owners don’t speak English, they prepare home-cooked meals with true passion and make every guest feel like family. They seem to single-handedly dispel the myth that Parisians aren’t friendly. What a great first impression of Paris.

23. Prague – Cestr


Photo courtesy of @bobby22sixkiller on Instagram

Named after a breed of cow, this restaurant serves traditional Czech dishes with a heavy focus on beef. If you’re craving a steak whilst you’re in Prague, this is the place to go. Use this handy guide so you seem like a pro when you order.

24. Rome – VyTA Santa Margherita


Photo by Ming-Ray Liao

Located right in the Stazione di Roma Termini, this place offers bargain pizza, panini, coffee, salad, and wine. Don’t let its fancy shmancy interior fool you, you can eat in style on a budget at this conveniently located spot. But don’t worry, we aren’t forgetting about the gelato – here’s where to head for that.

25. Sarajevo – Apetit


Photo courtesy of @novembar23 on Instagram

It’s ranked number one restaurant in Sarajevo for a reason. Tourists are quick to label it their best meal during their stay so why not try it out yourself and see if all the hype is true?

26. Sofia – Raketa Rakia Bar


Restaurants by Sofia’s main train station don’t seem to have much to offer. This place is about 30 mins by foot but seeing as it’s pretty cheap you might be able to splash out for a 10 min cab ride.

27. Stockholm – Östra Station Järnvägsrestaurangen

Photo courtesy of @annelie_gniztra on Instagram

Located in Stockholm’s east station, this place brings in the locals even when they aren’t catching a train. The lunch is pretty affordable and the menu changes daily so fulfil your adventurous side and see what’s on offer.

28. Vienna – Restaurant Sperl

GIF courtesy of giphy.com

Austrian delicacies and an open-air courtyard? Jackpot. Tuck into one of their huge schnitzels and hang out with the famously friendly (and English speaking) staff.

29. Zagreb – Gostionica Purger

GIF courtesy of giphy.com

Halfway between the main square and train station, this place is the perfect pit stop on your way into town. Fish, stews, veal, lamb – what more could you want?

30. Zurich – La Pasta


Photo by Judy Holtz

OK, two things to remember: Switzerland (especially Zurich) is super expensive and it has a strong Italian (as well as German and French) influence. So it’s no wonder this place serves a badass Italian meal. It’s a lil pricey for a student budget but compared to the rest of the city it’s not a bad deal.

So go forth young travelers; explore the continent, meet the locals, snap a few winning Instagrams. Oh, and eat your body weight on the way.