I love customization. Anything that I get to create myself, I have to love (or I have blame myself for the results). Luckily, there are so many DIY food places popping up everywhere. With Subway's make it your own sandwiches, to Chipotle's add what you want toppings, these establishments popularized personalized food.

Because I love pizza and it's a college essential, I compared three of my favorite DIY pizza parlors to help you find your best build-your-own pizza parlor chain.

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza has got that original thin crust down. But it has other options for crust as well, like the gluten-free, or high rise dough. For the sauce, bases such as the classic red sauce, spicy red sauce, white sauce, and garlic basil pesto sauce are available.

The range of toppings are pretty similar to other pizza places, but what differs is that they also have a dessert menu. Need to satisfy that sweet tooth at the end of a meal? Blaze has you covered with their s'mores pie, sea salt cookie, or olive oil brownie. 

Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza is delicious. In my opinion, Mod's original crust is the perfect medium between thin and thick crust. Unlike Blaze, Mod does not have a high rising dough option, but they do let you choose the size of pie you want. You can choose from their most popular 11-inch pizza pie, go for mini 6-inch pizza, or if you are feeling hungry, get the Mega Double 11-inch crust (which is two 11-inch doughs stacked on top of each other).

If you are looking for more base sauces, Mod has you covered. You can order red, white, garlic rub, bbq, and pesto. Just like Blaze Pizza, Mod has salads, but they do not have a dessert menu. Instead, they have sides: garlic or cinnamon strips.


Pieology was the first of the build-your-own pizza place I visited. Since then, they have improved on their ranges of sauces, toppings, and sides. What stands out for me at Pieology is the fact that you can choose from the most base sauces: house red, three-cheese alfredo, herb butter, buffalo, BBQ, and pesto.

As mentioned previously, toppings are very similar. For those who love salad, Pieology also has a customized salad option on the menu, unlike Blaze and Mod.

Overall, what differentiates Blaze is its spicy red sauce and dessert options. If you want to be able to choose your size of pizza, Mod has your back. Lastly, if you want the option to build your own salad, Pieology is your best bet.

Personally, I would have to say Blaze is the best build-your-own pizza parlor chain because I am a fan of thin, crispy crust. For all of these pizza places, it seems that the collection of toppings, sauces, drizzles, etc. are constantly changing, so all these build-your-own pizza places seem to be more similar as time goes on. Since all three of the pizza parlors have similar toppings, any of these places would easily satisfy my pizza cravings.