Shay Mitchell's Instagram is honestly a work of art. Each image she chooses to post is not only eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, but her feed tells the story of an amazing life.

I'd be lying if I said that I don't experience FOMO every now and then while looking at Shay's posts. I kind of enjoy it though — it's so cool to experience different landscapes and cultures through these photos. I guess it's better to see the world through Shay than to not at all, right?

Here are 25 times that Shay's Instagram gave us a serious case of FOMO — even though we kind of like it.

When she was on the beach with Rosé

This photo of Shay makes me dream of myself wearing trendy sunglasses while holding a glass of Rosé on a beach somewhere. How awesome is it that this is her normal?

When she ordered a burger with a side of everything

With food that looks this tasty and fresh, I'd order one of each, too. That burger bun alone deserves recognition: it's such a beautiful bronze color, and the distribution of sesame seeds is perfect. To quote Shay's caption, "Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm."

When she casually drank a Moscow Mule in front of a mountain

Shay's photos always have such an eye-catching composition. Even if she weren't in this photo, it would still be beautiful. The fact that she's in it just gives us a little more FOMO, or like, a lot. 

When she got a personalized latte featuring her face

It never occurred to me that I might want my face on a latte until I saw Shay's face on a latte. And can we talk about that sequin purse? Queen.

When she was soaking up the Hawaii sun

I don't know what to admire more, the beautiful Hawaii scenery or how Shay looks like a glowing beach goddess. If you close your eyes and imagine really hard, you can be a Hawaiian beach goddess, too. Almost.

When her breakfast looked like a recipe from a cookbook

I usually settle for a granola bar as I'm flying out the door, but this breakfast makes me want so much more. Hate to say it, but I'd ditch my granola bar in a heartbeat for this plate of chicken and waffles. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

When she reminded us that she's 30-years-old and living her best life

The perception that women become less attractive as they age personally annoys me, and Shay definitely proves it to be wrong in this photo. She uses the hashtag "#thisis30" in her caption, and her pride and confidence sets an empowering example for other women.

When her grapefruit breakfast looked better than it probably tasted

This photo is ridiculously aesthetically pleasing. The pinky-peach tones of the grapefruit against the white marble look so crisp and bright. Shay has a great eye for photos, that's for sure.

When she admitted to spending the same amount of time eating as she did dancing at Coachella

Shay is my spirit animal. We seriously might be soul sisters, because if I were at Coachella around all of this amazing food, I'd forget about the music for a minute, too.

When she enjoyed a beautiful sunset in Greece with a glass of wine in hand

I don't drink that often, but Shay makes me want to commit to being a wine-o. She has a history of posting photos of her holding a glass of wine up to the scenery of her latest adventure, all of which give me a tinge of (read: a lot of) FOMO.

When she sat atop a pizza mountain like a true queen

The fact that someone made all of that pizza just for her to sit on is hilarious. But, for a true foodie queen, anything is possible.

When she made picture-perfect Lucky Charms rice crispy treats

In celebration of National Cereal Day, Shay and one of her friends made these super cute, unique rice crispy treats. You can even make them yourself at home since she dedicated an entire video to the recipe on her YouTube.

When her photo of a magazine looked like it belonged in a magazine

Waking up to a picturesque latte and your own spread in a magazine is a pretty amazing start to the morning, no? We'll have to settle for just the latte for now, which means I need to work on my latte art.

When she went (coco)nuts 

This photo personally takes me back to Hawaii, which makes me feel oh-so-nostalgic. I'd give anything for a pair of coconuts and some fresh Hawaiian pineapple whip.

When her breakfast put our breakfast to shame... Again

Shay Mitchell's Instagram is the home of any and all amazing, healthy breakfast spreads. Once again, I feel a bit unsatisfied with my granola bars.

When she somehow looked sexy with pizza in her mouth

If I tried to look sexy with pizza in my mouth, I'd probably end up choking. I'll leave the modeling to Shay, although I'd certainly take a slice (or three) of 'za.

When she took another wine photo on another vacation

Raising a glass to Troian Bellasario during her wedding week, Shay got to enjoy this view in yet another gorgeous country. Peep the detail in that roof though.

When she celebrated the Fourth of July just for the burgers

On yet another vacation, Canadian Shay celebrated the fourth by eating copious amounts of food. I usually would say that the food would be the best part, but this view is vacation goals. I don’t know about y’all, but I certainly need to step up my Independence Day game.

When she photographed the cutest pile of pasta in honor of charity

Shay Mitchell’s Instagram is not only a place full of beautiful photos and lots of FOMO, but also a place where she supports feeding children who don’t often see meals. Using the hashtag “#kidsagainsthunger,” Shay promoted the website "Off the Menu Club," which helps to provide meals to kids in need.

When she posted the another, and another wine-o photo on her feed

Okay, the girl loves her wine. But I love her wine photos, so it’s a win-win.

When she was at the most beautiful restaurant I've ever seen

Some people may argue that this doesn’t qualify as a food post, but I say it does. Restaurants house amazing food, so restaurants count in my book. This one specifically is crazy gorgeous, especially the arches of flowers.

When Ashley Benson fed her a giant bowl of pasta

As a "Pretty Little Liars" fan, this makes my heart happy. I love when actors who work on the same production are friends in real life, and I especially love when they feed each other massive quantities of pasta. That's my kind of friendship.

When she did the classic Shay wine photo with this stunning view

I never get tired of looking at these photos. Maybe it’s the foodie in me; maybe it’s the photographer in me – probably a mixture of both. Either way, can I be transported to this location as of yesterday? I need it.

When she had an Italian feast spread before her

A solid 50 percent of the reason I’d love to visit Italy is for the food. Another 30 percent is for the breathtaking scenery, and the final 20 percent is for the experience as a whole. That 50 percent definitely has me feeling some foodie FOMO, though.

When she took this killer beach photo that reminded us how wine can be part of a healthy diet

I’m going to say what we’re all thinking: I wish my ass looked that good next to a glass of Rosé. Shay is giving us booty goals and rosè goals. Who knew such a thing existed?

Shay Mitchell’s Instagram shows that she (seemingly) has it all. She vacations every other week, she has such great style, and she’s a beautiful human inside and out. The best part is that she’s a foodie, just like me and you. I can’t wait to see what the backdrop to her next signature wine post will be – I’ll be impatiently awaiting, embracing that good ol' FOMO.