While Seattle is usually seen as the coffee hub of the country, Chicago's coffee scene is on the rise. Whether its roasting their own fair-trade beans or creating a community atmosphere for people to come together, coffee shops in Chicago are stepping up their game in a big way. Fragrant espresso, rich pour-overs, and scrumptious bites await you at these 17 Chicago coffee stops.

1. Heritage Bicycles General Store

Chicago Locations: Heritage Bicycles General Store on Lincoln Avenue, Heritage Outpost on Wilson Avenue, Heritage Outpost on Lawrence Avenue

I fell in love with Heritage because of its unique concept, which combines two very different things: bikes and coffee. While their coffee is amazing, they are proud to be able to say that they craft the first completely Chicago-made bikes since Schwinn left Chicago in the '70s. Mike, the owner, lives nearby with his wife and kids and is often found serving up smiles behind the counter. So kill two (or three) birds with one stone by having your bike fixed all the while sipping coffee and working! 

2. Colectivo Coffee

Chicago Locations: Clark Street in Lincoln Park and Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square

In 1993, this coffee roaster was known as Alterra Coffee — but a later change in name did not compromise the morals of the company. Every bean is roasted in Riverwest, a neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Their "session coffees" take you through a new experience with every cup. With many locations throughout Wisconsin, Colectivo just recently opened its first Chicago location. Featuring a large outdoor patio, it is the perfect spot to get some shade or cuddle next to a fire and crank out your day's workload. After it proved to be just as popular in Chicago as in Wisconsin, Colectivo opened another location in Logan Square.

3. Intelligentsia Coffee

Chicago Locations: Broadway Coffeebar, Monadnock Coffeebar, Millennium Park Coffeebar, Logan Square Coffeebar, Old Town Coffeebar, Wicker Park Coffeebar

If you're a true Chicagoan, I'm sure you've seen Intelligentsia somewhere in the city, maybe even some of their coffee bags in the suburbs. Today they are a large wholesale company, but still remain true to their need for perfected Chicago coffee that was developed in 1995. Their commitment to Fair Trade is inspiring and makes for a great cup of coffee. They have several locations in the downtown area that are all perfect little nooks to cozy up in with your laptop.

4. Sawada Coffee

Chicago Location: Green Street in the West Loop

Home of the Military Latte, this industrial-style hangout was opened by Hiroshi Sawada, a latte art expert from Tokyo. This shop features a hand-painted espresso machine, a ping pong table, and amazing coffee! Stop by at night to experience the lights and get some work done Sawada-style. 

5. Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Chicago Location: North Milwaukee Avenue in Logan Square

Zak Rye and Tristan Coulter based the Gaslight aesthetic off of apothecaries from the 1800s. Their building used to be a drug store and has now been transformed into a highly-acclaimed Chicago coffee roaster. Their dream is to light the space with gaslights — can you imagine how cool that would be? But, in the meantime, this is a great spot to transport your regular work day into a historic adventure.

6. Volumes Bookcafe

Chicago Location: Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park

Volumes in an independent bookstore that serves Metropolis Coffee and the best books ever written. Two Chicago area sisters brought this store to life using their love for reading. While it is one of the best places to be productive, you might just get lured into one of their book clubs, story times, or author visits...

7. Ipsento Coffee

Chicago Locations: Original location on Western Avenue, Ipsento 606 on Milwaukee Avenue, Ipsento Coffee Lab on Western Avenue

Started in 2006 by Jeremy and Rachel Smith, Ipsento became the place for sustainable coffee and self-discovery. In fact, the name Ipsento is derived from two latin roots: "ipse" meaning "self" and "sento" meaning "to discover". Standing by the motto that "the best coffee tells stories", Ipsento allows you to travel the world from the comfort of their local coffee shop. 

8. Metric Coffee

Chicago Location: West Fulton

Metric is a brand-new company and was founded only a few years ago in 2013. Caffe Street's owner and a former Intelligentsia roaster came together to create coffee that's "made by humans." All Metric coffee is roasted on their 1960s German Probat roaster to combine vintage methods with modern tastes. And while there may not be a lot of space to spread out, Metric is served at many other coffee shops in the Chicagoland area.

9. Hero Coffee Bar

Chicago Locations: The Loop on Dearborn, Roscoe Village on Roscoe St., Bucktown on Western Avenue

Brian Tubolino and Craig Alexander found that the best way to seal their friendship was to open up shop together. With Alexander into roasting coffee, and Brian passionate about artisan food, the two made the perfect duo. HERO is the first Chicago restaurant to combine coffee and a high-class sandwich deli. This is the perfect place to park yourself because you have all you need: coffee and lunch!

10. Dark Matter Coffee

Chicago Locations: Meddle Coffee Bar on West Jackson Blvd., The Mothership on Western Avenue, Star Lounge on Chicago Avenue, Osmium Coffee Bar on Belmont Avenue

Dark Matter was founded by Jesse Diaz in 2007. While Jesse had worked at many other coffee establishments, he taught himself about roasting beans and the importance of using sustainable sourcing for his coffee. Dark Matter is always innovating, whether that be partnering with local breweries or aging coffee in cognac bourbon barrels. Every location is welcoming and really makes you feel like part of the Chicago community. In fact, if you're fan of the Netflix show Easy, keep an eye out for a Dark Matter mention or two.

11. La Colombe Coffee

Chicago Locations: State & Elm, Armitage, Wicker Park, North Clark, Randolph

Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti founded La Colombe in 1994 under a simple premise: America Deserves Better Coffee. By combining both ancient and modern coffee practices, their company has spread across the country and certainly fulfilled its promise of providing a great cup of joe. Their many locations all have their own unique flavor with a modern interior but hints of vintage glassware. All are great places to park for an afternoon of relaxing productivity.

12. Fairgrounds Coffee

Chicago Location: North Milwaukee Avenue

Founder Michael Schultz devised a plan to bring several premium roasters under one roof. Pulling from Dark Matter, Stumptown (Portland), Colectivo (Milwaukee), and more, Fairgrounds is a great place to try a little bit of everything in one stop. They also have amazing bites to eat and even a Coconut Charcoal Elixir that was created with their local partner, Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Whatever you need to be productive, odds are you can find it at Fairgrounds.

13. Werewolf Coffee

Chicago Location: North Elston Avenue

DMK Restaurants, a famed company from Chicago, opened its first coffee bar in the spring of 2017. Using an old Wonder Bread delivery truck as a counter, the joint serves coffee from the likes of Metropolis and Dark Matter (just to name a few). With quick bites and a great atmosphere, Werewolf is a prime place to study.

14. Buzz Coffee Roaster

Chicago Location: Damen Avenue in Wicker Park (moving to Logan Square)

Buzz was started in 2010 by owners Stefan Hersh and Agnes Otworowski. The shop found its home to be in a multi-story vintage house located in Wicker Park. However, Buzz is expected to move to a more modern location in Logan Square any day now. With scrumptious pastries and "killer" espresso, this shop is sure to give you a caffeine buzz that's perfect for powering through finals.

15. Passion House Coffee Roasters

Chicago Location: Kedzie Avenue in Logan Square

Passion House was started in 2011 by lifelong coffee professional Joshua Millman. This small-batch specialty coffee roaster prides itself in developing passionate relationships with the farms that source their beans. Their sourcer and roaster, Michael Kearby, helps to build these bonds with the farms and importers from all over the world. With a beautiful mural on the side of the building and a spacious, light interior, Passion House screams productivity.

16. The Wormhole Coffee

Chicago Location: Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park

Wormhole's owner, Travis Schaffner, created the '80s themed coffee shop complete with action figures, Nintendo relics, and retro board games. Wormhole proudly serves Halfwit Coffee and its owner is in the process of opening another Cold-War inspired coffee shop in Logan Square. While it may be a little hard to concentrate with all the fun gadgets around you, Wormhole is the perfect place to take a study break!

17. Daily Projects Coffee Bar

While not technically a Chicago coffee shop (yet), Daily Projects has a special spot in my heart. I had the opportunity to work for owners Sang Hong and Kevin Rhee and even celebrate their one year anniversary of the shop opening. Located near my home in Algonquin, Daily Projects has the most knowledgeable staff of any suburban coffee shop and the care and precision in which every menu item is made is incredible. The owners are always innovating and have big dreams for the shop, so maybe one day you'll be able to visit Daily Projects in downtown Chicago.

No matter which coffee shop you choose to camp out at, you can bet that you'll be crazy productive among the hustle and bustle of Chicago. Grab your latte, and let's get to work!