What are people passionate about in 2017? Food and Trump’s impeachment. At the Washington DC Women’s March, many protestors combined these passions in clever ways on their signs. Ranging from strong political commentary to non-sequiturs, below are the most clever food-related Donald Trump protest signs.

1. Trump Sandwich

2. Veto the Cheeto

3. Hoes Before Cheetos

4. F*** Cheeto satan

5. Not my Cheeto

6. Impeach the Peach

7. Make America grate again

8. Trump Hates Tacos

9. Trump Eats Pizza with a Fork

10. Pumpkin Spice + Racism

11. Avocado + Racism

12. It’s Nacho Uterus

13. Shut up, Trump, and make me a sandwich

14. I want more tortillas when I order fajitas at a restaurant

15. I was told there would be cake

Food is a strong communicator due to its ability to connect, engage, and bring fulfillment to everyone across culture, gender, and age. Although many of these slogans are meant to make the viewer laugh, the prevalence of food as a metaphor for different aspects of protest proves its power.

PSA: A cheeto is rumored to be replacing Alex Baldwin on SNL.