Thanks to matcha, eating your greens has taken on a delightful new meaning. The tea, rich in antioxidants and a whole alphabet of vitamins, has proliferated the foodie scene and your Instagram feeds thanks to its vibrant, #aesthetic color. Now, as matcha transitions from being the food of the moment to the food of forever, more and more restaurants are finding out just how easy it is being green — especially in NYC. Due to its endemic grassy flavor and palatable bitter finish, your favorite powder is now flavoring a whole confectionery of desserts: soft serve, layer cakes, and yes, even chocolate. Lucky for you, dear matcha fiend, we've compiled a list of the 15 best spots to get your matcha fix in NYC.

1. Lady M Cake Boutique

Remi Wiseblatt

An ode to the subtle sweetness of Japanese desserts, Lady M Cake Boutiques bring a refined finish to indulgence. Their signature mille crêpe, a stack of 20 paper-thin crepes intertwined with airy whipped cream, showcases a subtle yet potent matcha flavor. Meanwhile, their matcha mousse cake pairs sponge cake with your favorite tea powder for a creamy and moist bite. If you like your matcha with a side of a boujee and a heavy helping of beauty, then Lady M is for you.

#SpoonTip: Feel like playing with your food? Their green tea eclair sparkles and oozes with green tea custard. Give it a squeeze, and satisfy your tastebuds.

2. MatchaBar

Beatrice Forman

If every other matcha themed cafe is a Kardashian child, then MatchaBar is basically Kris Jenner. Opening its doors it 2014, MatchaBar was the first matcha cafe in the country, pioneering the industry with a commitment to quality evident in tea sourced directly from Kagoshima, Japan and approved by a "chasi" (aka tea master). 

Come to their cafe for the smooth taste of a classic matcha latte with a splash of almond milk, and stay for their signature blends, like their watermelon matcha. Pictured above, the latte is made with a splash of WTRMLN WTR, a brand of cold pressed watermelon juices, for a drink that screams summer. 

#SpoonTip: The summer scaries making you feel sluggish? Buy a can of Hustle, Matchabar's matcha powered energy drink, for a natural high.

3. Spot Dessert Bar

Remi Wiseblatt

Spot Dessert Bar's epic Matcha Lava Cake and Matcha Waterfall cake have arrived and waterfalls everywhere are quaking. Easily an eighth wonder of the world, Spot's signature Matcha Lava Cake — a warm moist dark chocolate cake filled with hot and gooey green tea ganache and served with creamy green tea ice cream — is guaranteed to steal your heart and a spot on your Instagram feed. Packed with rich and indulgent flavor, the moisture of the cake, the richness of the ganache and the cool creamy texture of the ice cream serves as the perfect trifecta. 

The Matcha Lava Cake isn't the only epic matcha dessert at Spot Dessert Bar. The Matcha Waterfall, a matcha cake filled with creamy matcha custard and topped with whipped cream, is also worthy of a spot on your bucket list. The matcha cake, spongy and moist, provides the perfect texture to accompany the fluffy and creamy custard and whipped cream.

#SpoonTip: Pair the matcha waterfall cake with a scoop of green tea ice cream to experience a whole new world of flavors and a whole new level of happiness.

4. ZenChai Matcha Cafe

Remi Wiseblatt

The brainchild of a financier who traded in the trading floor for tea leaves all in hopes of finding some relaxation, ZenChai Matcha is an oasis in the middle of bustling downtown. Served in a space that mixes the zen of a yoga studio with the trends of the Urban Outfitter’s home decor section, each ZenChai latte is crafted with the customer in mind. Their matcha is truly unique; each and every leaf is handpicked from the temperate regions of the Japanese countryside, and you can taste the care and craftsmanship in every sip.

ZenChai originated the totally-Instagrammable watermelon matcha latte, preparing it with real watermelon juice for a blend of a sweet and refreshing. These cafe pioneers are changing the game in other ways, too, with the world’s first ever Nitro Zenergy Draft Latte. Served on tap, like beer, the foam at the top adds a sweet finish that emanates throughout the whole latte without any added sweeteners. Drink each with a metal straw, because sea turtles are worth saving, duh.

#SpoonTip: Name a more iconic duo than matcha and pineapple. Try ZenChai’s matcha and dole whip soft serve swirl for a masterclass in ice cream. It’s creamy, rich, and fruity, and tastes like a tropical vacation in a cone. 

5. Matcha N' More

Remi Wiseblatt

Known for topping their homemade matcha soft serve with an iconic edible 24K gold, Matcha n More has taken the antioxidant-rich green tea powder to a whole new level. From a historic, old-fashioned stone mill in Uji Japan, where matcha originated, to their cozy and boujee matcha themed tea house in the heart of Little Italy, where gold soft was born, Matcha n More’s namesake tea is personally imported, maintaining a high-quality flavor profile in all products. While adding a modern twist, Matcha N' More strives to maintain the OG tea’s health benefits by making all of their purees and syrups in house and only using fresh and organic ingredients.

Perfect for the teen trying to keep the perfect Instagram feed or a matcha connoisseur, the creamy matcha and roasted sesame soft serve is the perfect blend: the sweetness of the matcha is balanced with the bitterness of the roasted sesame to create a delicious sweet and nutty flavor.

#SpoonTip: Need some more color in your life? Order the rainbow matcha, a blend of ginger turmeric, beet, matcha and your choice of milk. It's a healthful and refreshing drink that will make you feel as good as it looks!

6. Cha Cha Matcha

Beatrice Forman

You may know Cha Cha Matcha for its Instagram fodder; the iconic green and millennial pink tables, kitschy neon signs, and and photogenic beverages have everyone from Taylor Swift and squad to Leonardo DiCaprio sipping green. But make no mistake, a trip to Cha Cha matcha is more than an impromptu photoshoot. It's time to recharge with only the best matcha varieties. 

Take something as simple as their classic iced matcha latte. Splashed with almond milk, their menu cornerstone tastes like smelling a daisy: sweet, refreshing, and a tinge grassy.

7. Taiyaki NYC

Remi Wiseblatt

If you speak NYC foodie, Taiyaki is synonymous with the phrase "fish cone people." The cones, an inventive riff on a Japanese sign for good luck and celebration, are awesome. Always served warm with a delicious pocket of custard in the center, they could spawn a soliloquy. But we're not here to talk about those. We're here to talk about their matcha. 

Taiyaki's matcha soft serve is the richest kind of creamy, pairing excellently with their black sesame variety for a quintessential yin meets yang swirl. The matcha's sweetness compliments the black sesame's slightly savoury aftertaste for cool complexity. And, if you're the type of person to order a latte at an ice cream shop (I promise, we're not judging), Taiyaki leaves you in good hands. Their matcha latte is topped with whipped cream, giving it the consistency of a thick diner milkshake.

#SpoonTip: Every latte needs a pastry. Dunk a taiyaki sans soft serve into a matcha latte for a sweet pick-me-up.

8. Boba Guys

Lindsay Paulen

Starting out in 2011 as a small pop-up in a local San Francisco ramen restaurant, Boba Guys quickly transitioned into a powerhouse, expanding to 11 locations across San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. As the chain continues to grow, with lines snaking further around the block and hype breaking the Richter scale, Boba Guys stays true to the next-level quality principles it was founded on, continuing to use the best ingredients they can source to create an all natural and high flavor profile. This includes brewing real tea leaves, using organic milk and making all of their syrups and jellies in-house.

Boba Guys' commitment to natural ingredients shines through in their mango matcha, where fresh mango puree is used to create the refreshing feeling of biting into a fresh, ripe and juicy mango, making us all nostalgic of our previous tropical vacations. Additionally, the aloe jelly made the boba more fun and exciting by providing a spontaneous pop of house-made juice in every sip. 

#SpoonTip: Love Boba? Stay tuned for the return of Boba Room, an interactive pop up boba museum, in New York City this fall!

9. Eggloo

Remi Wiseblatt

Hand us a bouquet of rose-shaped ice cream scoops, and we'd definitely go on a second date. If those scoops are from Eggloo, we'll consider a third. The stateside home of Hong Kong style egg waffles, Eggloo turns ice cream and waffles into an inseparable pair. 

Unlike all the other ice creams mentioned on this list, Eggloo churns out scoops of hard matcha ice cream. What does this mean? A stronger matcha flavor, and fingers that aren't sticky from drippy ice cream. Every lick should include a bite of the waffle cone, for a burst of buttery sweetness only bolsters the green tea's potency. It kind of tastes like an adult's take on the child fantasy of an all sweet everything breakfast, and we're here for it.

10. Royce Chocolates

Beatrice Forman

A sister company of Lady M, Royce Chocolates morphs chocolate from a guilty pleasure into a cultural culinary experience. By importing their chocolates directly from Japan, each decadent square is crafted with authenticity in mind. Their Maccha Almond Chocolates are more addictive than the first season of Big Little Lies, thanks to the dulcet tones of the chocolate complimenting the bitter matcha coating. Moreover, their Prafeuille Maccha Chocolates are designed for the diehard matcha enthusiast, pairing a creamy green tea sauce with matcha infused chocolate — talk about a confectionary powerhouse.

However, the true star of their Maccha collection is the Nama Chocolate. Made with white chocolate, the often forgotten but equally delicious middle child of the chocolate family, and real green tea leaves, each square encapsulates the true essence of matcha — simple, sweet, and swoon-worthy. 

11. Matchaful

Remi Wiseblatt

Matchaful, an organic farm to whisk pop-up, can be found by either following the stream of DUMBO locals going to get their daily matcha fix or following the millions of teens taking Snapchats of their bright and colorful floral drinks at Smorgasburg. Whichever location you go to, Matchaful achieves its goal of distributing high quality matcha while simultaneously giving back to the planet and producing delicious drinks that keep customers coming back.

Located in the lush mountainous fields of Nishio Japan, a sustainable fourth-generation family farm, is the single source for all of Matchaful’s matcha. From the rural mountains of Nishio to the bustling borough of Brooklyn, their environmentalist and sustainable efforts are remarkably transparent. Matchaful's locations are equipped with reusable bamboo straws to reduce ocean pollution (#savetheseaturtles) and committed to donating 1% of all sales to non-profit organizations dedicated toensuring a healthy future for the planet.

Back to their pop up in DUMBO, I had the privilege of trying three customer favorites (from left to right): the coco-vanilla zen, the turmeric zing  and the spicy cacao. All three drinks started the same way: the fresh ingredients were thrown into a metal shaker and hand shaken by the barista before being mixed with the matcha, ensuring an even distribution of flavor in every sip.

First up was the spicy cacao, a staff favorite soon to be mine, as well. Reminiscent of a gourmet Mexican hot chocolate, the spicy cacao set off a firework in my mouth. The cacao was rich, tasting like a melted chocolate bar and the cayenne pepper added a spice to blend all of the flavors together. Next up was the local favorite, the coco-vanilla zen. Silky, smooth and light, the coconut, cinnamon and vanilla flavor, arguably reminiscent of a horchata, perfectly complimented and balanced the flavor of the matcha. Last but definitely not least, was the Tumeric Zing. The iced drink, broken up into aesthetic layers, is served with a straw to ensure a blend of all high-quality flavors is present in every sip. Spicy, floral and jam-packed with flavor, the Tumeric Zing is perfect for anyone who prefers a more artisan, sophisticated and savory drink.

#SpoonTip: Are you team spicy cacao or coco-vanilla zen? Find out at Matchaful before their pop up cafe closes in January!

12. Bonsai Kakigori

Beatrice Forman

At Bonsai Kakigouri every Matcha Mountain starts with a trip to the farmers market to hand pick fresh and local ingredients. The journey then continues straight to the store-front counter where customers have a front row seat to watch the magic unfold. Kakigouri, a traditional summer Japanese dessert originating in the 11th century, is made by carving pure ice off the block with a special machine and then adding layers of seasonal fruits and handmade toppings. 

By adding multiple layers of shaved ice, matcha cream and toppings, you are guaranteed a punch of flavor and a variety of texture in every single bite. The Rice Krispies provide the perfect crunch to accompany the shaved ice and fluffy cream, making every bite epic, creamy and delicious. We couldn't put our spoons down and are proud to say we conquered the Matcha Mountain! (No, we did not get a T-shirt). Will you?

13. Blue Stripes Cacao

Remi Wiseblatt

The co-founder of the Israeli chocolate powerhouse, Max Brenner, Oded Brenner is back with a new concept to explore and celebrate the under appreciated cacao fruit and incorporate it into many indulgent desserts. From over-the-top Nutella cake shakes to their signature “cloud” —a drinkable chocolate mousse on tap — Blue Stripes Cacao is reinventing the way the world perceives chocolate.

Honestly, no words can describe the sensation this drink brought me; it’s like love and happiness had an affair in my mouth (sorry for the visual). Rich and indulgent, you could taste the decadence of a luxurious white chocolate truffle melting in your mouth combined harmoniously with high-quality matcha. Close your eyes treasure every individual sip, this matcha will take you on a transformative journey. Justin and Selena may be over, but white chocolate and matcha are here to stay.

#SpoonTip: There's no such thing as too much chocolate, order everything, diet tomorrow.

14. Grace Street

Remi Wiseblatt

Located in the heart of Koreatown, Grace Street Cafe uses fresh, local ingredients to create a variety of epic Asian inspired treats. From their famous Korean fried donuts to their mountainous shaved ice desserts, Grace Street keeps its storefront jam packed all day long with eager customers waiting to get their hands on these delicious treats. Sourced directly from Taiwan, their matcha serves as the star ingredient in many of their most popular desserts, blending Eastern and Western flavors as one.

The Elixer, a customer favorite, is a mountain worthy of adding to your bucket list to conquer. Stacked high, this shaved ice special is loaded with matcha, red beans, lychee jelly, taro and topped off with a drizzle of condensed milk. A food engineered to  perfection, all of the flavors blended harmoniously together for an airy and creamy texture. Another customer favorite, the green tea ice cream waffle with oreo crumbs and a mouth-watering chocolate drizzle, not only has the magic to make you fall instantly in love with Grace Street but also has the power to stop New York City traffic.

While their desserts are definitely whimsical and mouth-watering, their matcha drinks are not to be slept on. The jasmine matcha, my personal favorite, offers a silky, smooth, fresh and floral taste which can serve as the canvas for beautiful latte art or boba.

#SpoonTip: Look both ways before bringing your waffle into traffic.

15. STAX Ice cream

Remi Wiseblatt

Known for their epic and gravity-defying ice cream cones stacked with  scoops of handcrafted ice cream and  their signature cremella (an ice cream stuffed donut, STAX ice cream is killing the innovative dessert game. While their ice cream specials make a big scene, STAX ice cream is prepared in a much smaller one. Behind the bustling store-front counter, co-founders Sophie Gao and Vida Feng experiment with high-quality ingredients to create inventive flavors that fuse Eastern and Western cultures for their customers to enjoy and appreciate. From Cinnamon Toast Crunch to olive to matcha, all of their ice cream is prepared in small batches throughout the day to ensure freshness and perfection.

Their matcha green tea ice cream uses matcha sourced directly from Japan to ensure a high-quality flavor, which has customers raving. Smooth, light and creamy, STAX’s matcha ice cream definitely lived up to the hype and served as the perfect refresher to beat New York City’s summer heat. From a twelve scoop cone rolled in your favorite candy to a cremella with the donut of your choice, there are hundreds of ways you can enjoy your matcha at STAX.

Goodbye, coffee and hello to the wonderfully wacky world of all things matcha. Get your green tea fixed with a watermelon infused matcha latte or have your tea with a side of a sugar rush in soft serve and pastries.