The inspiration for this amalgamation of favorite food freakouts came about during a morning editorial meeting when our entire crew collectively derailed on a tangent and never quite recovered–as a staff of media weirdos is prone to do.

We were discussing how f*cking upsetting it is when you end up with that inevitable excess of hot dog buns that are destined to die of frostbite in the freezer or of mold toxicity in the back of the pantry. Which brought us to this classic and so-understandable meltdown from Father of the Bride.

Which, in turn (as I’m sure you’ve guessed), eventually brought us to the other moments of losing one’s sh*t over food that have moved us, weirded us out, or for whatever reason–have simply stuck with us. An with that, I give you (in no particular order) 13 of the best film-famous food-fueled meltdown moments:

Starting out on one of the more terrifying meltdowns our crew discussed, from 1993’s Falling Down… “Rick, have you ever heard the expression, the customer’s always right?”

Of course,  we had to include the Kalteen bar that broke Mean Girl Regina George’s back.

OK, there’s no actual food in this scene from Fried Green Tomatoes–but losing it over a parking spot at the Winn Dixie totally counts in our book. Plus the movie title is enough on it’s own.

“Want me to punch-a-size your face, for free?”

Joey Tribbiani, Jr. and I share this one commonality–WE DO NOT SHARE FOOD. Especially fries.

This snippet of Will and Graces’ exchange doesn’t reach full-fledge meltdown, but this pre-meltdown moment delivers an incredibly important lesson worth noting: You truly don’t realize how important cheese is until it’s gone.

We could easily write an entire food meltdown post based exclusively on scenes from Julie and Julia. Girl needs to get it together and stop smearing raw chicken juice everywhere

The infamous pie nobody wants a piece of.

That little jerk just wanted some plain cheese pizza. It’s not that much to ask for.

For me, this meltdown takes the cake. Or, really, the f*cking cookie.

A ballistic Gene Wilder in a shimmering lilac vest is one scary mofo.

And finally… the soft and silent meltdown. There are no words for this.

Now, this may not be a comprehensive list, but these are our favorites.