Have you ever come across a meal on Instagram that looked as delicious as it was beautiful, but the recipe had too many steps and required too many specialty health ingredients? Healthy recipes, although pretty and extravagant, can be daunting and expensive to attempt. Healthy eating doesn't have to be pricey or scary. From following Registered Dietitians on Instagram, I've found that they provide realistic and easy meal ideas while still keeping health in mind. Registered Dietitians are different from nutritionists in that they have completed the necessary higher education, passed a national exam, and completed an internship. So if you're looking for quick nutrition tips, meal ideas, or just great photos of food, then here are the best Registered Dietitian Instagrams to follow for optimal inspiration.

1. Rachel Paul, PhD RD @collegenutrionist 

Rachel Paul's Instagram account provides easy meal and snack ideas as well as recipes for meals. She also provides ideas for ingredient substitutes that are both tasty and healthy. 

2. Bari the Dietitian, MSc, RDN @barithedietitian

Along with photos of her dog Oscar, Bari posts photos with delicious plates of food. Both healthy and satisfying, these plates and bowls look vibrant and tasty. 

3. Robyn Nohling, FNP, RD, MSN @thereallife_rd

Robyn Nohling's Instagram is bright and positive. She not only posts great looking food, but also adds uplifting affirmations on how to better our relationship with food and have a balanced mindset when it comes to health. 

4. Shanna Hutcheson, RD LD @wellnessforthewin

Shanna Hutcheson's grocery hauls are super helpful for ideas of what to get on our next grocery trip. Along with the organized grocery hauls, she also posts photos of delicious and beautiful food with the recipes.

5. Ilana Muhlstein, M.S., R.D.N. @ilanamuhlsteinrd 

Ilana Muhlstein focuses on tips that are "simple, sustainable, and sensible." She shares photos with tips of mindful eating along with flavorful vegetable substitute recipes.

6. McKel Hill, MS, RDN, LDN @nutritionstripped

McKel Hill posts colorful and stunning photos of her food and recipes. In addition to the aesthetically pleasing photos, she also posts common questions, tips, and ideas for how to approach meals when we might be struggling.

7. Charlotte, MS, RD, CSOWM, CPT @nutriouslytwisted

Focusing on the reality of our cravings, Charlotte doesn't skip out on including comfort food in her posts. However, she provides healthy twists on these foods that don't skimp on flavor or fullness.

8. Sammi Haber Brondo, MS, RD @veggiesandchocolate

Founder of Nutrition Works NY, Sammi Haber shares tasty recipes for countless meals. Her meal ideas are colorful as they are varied. She also shares delicious and wholesome dessert ideas.

9. Clara Norfleet RD, LDN @foodfitnessandfaith

Clara Norfleet shares vibrant and simple meal ideas and recipes. Each plate is lively and fun. Along with her colorful meals, she shares inspirational quotes and posts highlighting mindfulness. 

10. Becca Bristow MA, RD, LDN @beccabristow

Not all focused on food, Becca Bristow shares lifestyle tips along with meal ideas. She also shares delicious recipes and answers nutrition and health questions on her YouTube channel.

11. Gal Cohen MS, RD @holyhealth

With a feed full of meal ideas, Gal Cohen makes sure to include foods everyone finds delicious and adds her original nutritious take on them. She also shares savory and wholesome dessert recipes. 

12. Rita K. Saeed MS, RDN @culturdnutrition

Self-described as a cultural food enthusiast, Rita Saeed's Instagram doesn't lack in tasty meal ideas. She shares vibrant traditional meals with her own healthy take. 

After following these Registered Dietitian Instagrams for simple and uplifting tips, your feed can be just as adventurous as you.