Chicagoans barely see any sun all around the year, which means we like making the most of summer. Chicago is a home to various diverse cuisines and every summer there are a ton of food festivals that you should go to. They give you a reason to leave home, enjoy the warm sun outside, and have a good time with your friends. Here’s a list of all the food festivals you need to attend this summer:

1. Lincoln Park Greek Fest


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June 3rd-5th / 2701 North Sheffield
A tremendous celebration of Greek culture, this festival takes you back to the beautiful Mediterranean. Get a taste of live music, dance performances and authentic Greek food. They have it all: gyros, creamy hummus and mouth-watering baklava. I promise, it’s going to leave you wanting more.

2. Wingout Chicago


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June 4th-5th / St. Michael’s parking lot, 1633 N. Cleveland Ave.
Wings are an obsession in Chicago, so you don’t want to miss this event. From mango habañero to honey BBQ, if you attend this festival you can taste it all. This year’s notable vendors include Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 25 Degrees, The Wild Hare, BlackFinn, The VIG and many more. You’ll get to know about all the new wing restaurants in town over drinks and some awesome live music.

3. Taste of Randolph Street


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June 18th-19th / 900 West Randolph Street
Located in West Loop, this is one of my favorite events. It’s a mix of various restaurants and cuisines stretched over six blocks. It includes a lot of famous restaurants with some live music. The live music includes new artists like Judah and the Lion, Soak, Dead Ships, Ravyn Lenae, and FlightWave. You’ll end up having an epic time for sure.

4. 6 Corner BBQ Fest


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June 18th-19th / 400 North Milwaukee Avenue
This event is during the Father’s Day weekend, so if your dad is a meat-lover, then this is the best place to take him. From pork to beef to ribs, this event has all kinds of meat. It’s at this famous place called “Six Corners,” so a beautiful view is a plus. With amazing food, a play area for kids and cool tunes this fest, gives you the perfect weekend.

5. Dog Dayz of Summer


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June 24th-25th / Goose Island Barrel Warehouse. 605 North Sacramento Blvd.
This event is for all the hot dog lovers. It’s located right in Humboldt Park, with amazing live music and beer. It’s a great way to spend time with family and friends. It includes Hot Doug’s restaurant, and we all know they make awesome hot dogs. So get ready for a dog-filled two days.

6. Tacos and Tamales Festivale


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June 24th-26th / 18th Street & Peoria
Located in the Pilsen neighborhood with some Latin music, beer and some tacos. Vendors from various restaurants will be there, so this is the best event for all of us taco lovers. With the focus on authentic Latino culture, this fest will include some of the best Mexican and Latin American restaurants.

7. Chicago Food Truck Fest


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June 25th-26th / South Loop Green Space. 2400 S. Dearborn St.
Located in South Loop, it’s a highlight of this summer because we Chicagoans are obsessed with food trucks. We know that food from food trucks is always delicious, so this event gives us an amazing opportunity to get to know about all the food trucks in Chicago and you’ll be able to eat food from all kinds of food trucks (even your fave ones) at the same time and place. It’s going to super diverse and delish.

8. Windy City Ribfest


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July 1st-3rd / 4700 North Broadway Avenue
Located in Uptown, enjoy some live music and chew on to some rib y’all rib lovers. This year’s headliner band is Jukebox the Ghost, and last year’s barbecue competition winner Q-BBQ will also also be there serving even more delicious ribs. Besides them, this festival includes all kinds of ribs: sweet, spicy, smoked and tendered. You name it, they have it. This isn’t an event to miss, so mark your calendars.

9. Taste of Chicago


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July 6th-10th / Grant Park. Jackson St. & Columbus Dr.
If you know anything about Chicago, then you’ve probably heard about Taste of Chicago. It’s one of the biggest events every year. Located right in the heart of Chicago down town at Grant Park, you get to enjoy some music and you get to see an amazing view of the city. You can enjoy all kinds of cuisines from all the best restaurants. This event is usually super crowded, so it’s a great chance to meet new people. Don’t miss this.

10. Windy City Smokeout


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July 15th-17th / 560 West Grand Avenue
This is an event you do not want to miss! Right by the river, you get to enjoy some cool country vibe with beer and country music. Some mega-country musicians will be in attendance like Old Dominion, Chase Rice and Billy Currington. To add onto this amazing country vibe, you get to eat awesome BBQ, from Smoque BBQ to Bub City. All your favorites are going to be there.

11. Taste of River North


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July 22nd-24th / Ward Park. 630 North Kingbury St.
By the banks of the river, this is a mix of all kinds of exotic cuisines. ToRN 2016 includes various famous restaurants, with heartwarming live music and cold Goose Island beer. Some of the famous restaurants that will be present are Pranzi, El Hefe, Taco Joint, Farmhouse Chicago, Blackfinn, Fannie May Fine Chocolates, Kinzie, Chophouse and many more. You’ll also get to see many cooking demonstrations. It’s an awesome experience with food your taste buds always remember.

12. Taste of Latin America


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July 23rd-24th / Division St. & California Avenue
This event is a great celebration of the Central and South American culture. From empanadas to Brazilian sausage, they have everything. With some exotic live music and delicious food, the best part about this event is that you actually get to see various cooking demonstrations. This is an opportunity to discover more about the Latin heritage and culture through a once-in-a-lifetime experience.