Taro root has been a popular ingredient in dishes and diets throughout the world for years. The root is the thick stalk of the taro plant, which can be found anywhere from Japan, to Spain, to the United States. So here are some taro root benefits and background knowledge. 

Cultures around the world incorporate the taro root into their dishes in such different and unique ways. Yet, it is critical that the taro root is cooked before being used, as it is toxic in its raw form. The toxicity is due to the high level of oxalates in the root, which are usually associated with kidney stones. But when it is properly cooked, the taro root benefits added to your favorite dishes are too good to pass up. 

The Benefits

1. Digestive Health

Taro root contains 27% of the daily requirement of fiber, helping it aid in digestion.

2. Prevents Stomach Issues

The high level of fiber also helps to prevent common issues such as bloating, cramping, and constipation.

3. Eliminates Free Radicals

Taro root is packed with antioxidants, which are known for removing the free radicals that are in your body.

4. Boosts Immune System

With antioxidants, come vitamins, and the vitamins in taro root are going to improve your immune system.

5. Lowers Chance of Diabetes

The low glycemic index of the taro root helps the body to maintain a low blood sugar. Taro root’s ability to regulate the body’s content of insulin and glucose helps to lower the chances of diabetes.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

Not only does taro root lower the blood sugar, but it also lowers blood pressure. The potassium found in the taro root keeps the bodily fluids flowing regularly and pressures low.

7. Healthy Skin

The taro root is especially loaded with Vitamin E and Vitamin A, both of which improve the health of your skin cells. These vitamins encourage glowing skin and the diminishing of wrinkles.

8. Bone Health

Taro root’s levels of magnesium promote bone health and the function of your muscles and nerves. Magnesium helps to keep the body strong and functioning properly.

9. Improves Vision

The antioxidants found in the taro root help to not only improve your eyesight, but prevents problems such as cataracts.

10. Medical Use

When used as a packed compress, the taro root has the ability to treat cysts, swelling, inflammation, and strains. Taro root is able to remove toxins from the body and reduce pain.

11. Taste

The taro root is often used as an alternative to potatoes, and is known for its sweet yet nutty taste.

Overall, the taro root is certainly a secret superfood that is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that promote a healthy body.