Chick-fil-A is the best fast food chain of all time…of all time. We will argue up and down with anyone who disagrees and defend it till the last breath in our body.

We love the food, but the people that enter into that establishment sometimes…whoo, deep breaths. They can be, a lot. Here are just a few of those “characters” you will most likely run into at one point venturing into Chick-fil-A.

1. An entire little league team who decided to stroll in after their game… complete with parents and their even younger, stickier siblings.

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So now it’s loud and it smells. God forbid they’re in front of you to order. Just take your loss, and hit up the drive-thru.

2. The group of goth kids who make it their mission to let everyone know they’re rebelling against the suburban norm.

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But still enjoy their chicken nuggets and sweet tea like everyone else.

3. The country club mom ordering a kids meal, but you know it’s for them and not their kid.

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It’s cheat day, but she’s still got to be housewife perfect at all times.

4. High school kids on a time crunch ’cause they went AWOL during school lunch period.

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I mean, we don’t blame them—school lunch vs. Chick-fil-A? Come on. No doubt which one’s better.

5. The old couple who you always see in there ordering the same meal every single time.

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It’s Friday date night at 4 pm for them. Fun times.

6. The girls (probably sorority sisters) running in real quick with their Nike Free Runs and running shorts, complete with a messy bun.

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Okay we get it; you do everything together to the point you can’t even order a lemonade without each other. Congrats.

7. The group of guys who all pretty much order the same thing and use the waffle fries to throw at each other.

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By the way, please stop “accidentally” hitting us with fries and doing that laugh/apology afterwards.

8. Your classmate that works there who always, somehow, gets caught up talking to their friend while working the drive-thru.

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They just had to have an extra, long conversation with their friend today. All you wanted was a chicken biscuit before work.

9. The person who somehow has never been to Chick-fil-A and starts asking a million and one questions about the menu.

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Only to order the regular fried chicken sandwich.

10. And how could you forget the manager who takes his job way too serious.

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But you’re glad he does. It’s one of the reasons Chick-fil-A is one of the best fast food chains. Customer service is A+.

11. Last, there’s you.

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A loyal customer who just wants her 8 piece with polynesian sauce, waffle fries, sweet tea, and maybe a milkshake if you’re feeling good that day.

Even though there is always an assorted group of people in Chick-fil-A at all times of the day, it will never deter you from getting your grub on. After all, Chick-fil-A is bae. No one makes you as happy as their food does.

If you’re in need of some fast food now: