If you go to Saint Mary's College of California, or are familiar with the surrounding area, you know that Roundup Saloon has karaoke on Wednesdays. There's nothing like your first time at Roundup. You carve your name in the table somewhere and remember (or don't) a great night out with friends.

However, a fun night out where drinking is involved always has the unfortunate potential of turning sour. Here are some tips to ensure a fun, safe night out, that's sure to create great memories for everyone.

Don't forget your ID.

They card. Be prepared. Unless the bouncers recognize you, you're going to have a problem.

Don't be surprised if your fake ID gets taken.

If you don't know your address, the capital of the state it's from, or other basic facts, you'll probably be tested and lose. Some questions I've gotten (when using my real ID) are: What's your zodiac sign? What's your eye color? Be prepared. Also, know that if you are using a fake ID, you're putting yourself at risk for getting charged with a misdemeanor.

Don't forget your cash.

This is a cash only bar. There is an ATM, but it charges you to use it. No cash = no drinks.

Don't forget to tip.

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Ben Jones

The bartenders deserve tips. They're working late hours to serve you, remember that.

Don't sing a song that nobody knows.

The point of karaoke is to engage with your audience (aka your friends!). If no one knows your song, everyone is going to sober up real quick. If you choose a country song, the odds are more likely no one will know it.

Don't go if it's not Wednesday or Saturday.

Saint Mary's has unspoken designated Gael nights. Undergrads typically take over on Wednesdays, while graduate students occupy the bar on Saturdays. Otherwise, it's a pretty sleepy place, tbh.

Don't make the bouncers or bartenders angry.

If you ever want to return, do everything in your power not to make the bouncers angry. Also, know that just because you're drunk, it doesn't mean you can or should be pushed around.

Don't be the only sober one.

Yes, sometimes this situation is unavoidable. If you're not drinking for any reason, try to find other sober people and get free, non-alcoholic drinks from the bar. Singing karaoke sober can still be really fun, especially when your audience is especially tipsy.

Don't leave the stamp on your hand when you go to class the next day.

Congratulations! You're 21 and you got into a bar. What is there to brag about? A stamp on your hand only means you haven't properly cleaned yourself since before you went to the bar.

Do. NOT. Drive. Home. Drunk.

Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Keep yourself and others safe. Get a Lyft and sing along to your favorite tunes on the way home (your driver will love you). 

If you go to Saint Mary's, check out Roundup on Wednesdays. If you don't know what Roundup is, check out this new commercial parody. And drink responsibly, because #GaelsPartySafe.