So spring break is finally here. We’ve saved up a chunk of cash, paid for that all-inclusive resort in Mexico where the rest of American college students will be, and now our dreams of sunny and 75 are about to come true. There are no two words that generate as much excitement and anxiety in the minds of college students as “spring break.”

Everyone talks about the beach, the food and the partying, but no one talks about the months of stress people put in to getting ready for this week-long vacation. Repeat: one week. Girls typically spend the month of February cutting out calories and increasing the cardio, whereas guys start increasing their reps at the gym to finally get that six pack.

But even with the best healthy intentions we all have our ups and downs. It’s okay that you still crave pizza after a night out and it would just be rude if you didn’t have a cupcake at your friends birthday. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If there is anyone who can sympathize with this tumultuous time, it is Jennifer Lawrence.

Stage One: Planning

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Chances are that you planned your spring break trip back in December to snag all the good deals. With all this prep time, you planned out our workout routine, cut out all desserts (except for these healthy brownies) and stick to a high protein diet. #success.

Stage Two: FOMO

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Even though the “new year, new you” mantra sunk in strong, returning to school is perhaps the worst thing that can happen to your New Years resolution. Between the excitement of seeing friends again and no homework, no one wants to miss out on partying and going out to eat with friends. Letting a resolution slip isn’t the end of the world if it is just during syllabus week, right?

Stage Three: Do-Over

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Okay, the fun is over. It is time to cut the bullsh**t and the excess calories. No more binge drinking beer and taking one too many fireball shots. No more pizza at 2 am – you never feel good in the morning and the pictures don’t make you look attractive. Goals in mind once again, spring break bod 2.0 here we come.

Stage Four: Boredom 

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Okay, you’ve gone two weeks sticking to your plan, but where is the fun in that? A friend asks you to join a workout class (check out fuel for your workout here) and you agree, only to bail when you find out it is at 7 am. You start to think that maybe this isn’t for you.

Stage Five: Irritability

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WT actual F. You’ve been at this for weeks now and nothing is different. You haven’t lost any weight, you don’t “feel” slimmer, and WHERE IS MY TONE.

#SpoonTip: Find your tone with these flat belly foods.

Stage Six: Anxiety

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The days are chipping away and the anxiety of all this work has finally reached its boiling point. Why is this so hard? Celebrities make working out and dieting look fun? Are you there spring break gods? It is me: a desperate, pre-spring break college student.

Stage Seven: Desperation

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At this point, you’ve reached the worst kind of rock bottom: a juice cleanse. But with a week to go until departure, you are willing to take on any challenge. So, you decide to spend some of that spring break cash and suffer through three days of liquids and green juice. Lesson: being hangry is never worth it.

Stage Eight: Retreat

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You are going on spring break with my best friends. They’ve all seen you naked anyway. Why does a beach (or sneaking booze onto a beach) change that? You decide to do what makes you happy whether that be intramural basketball, yoga or just avoiding the elevators.

Stage Nine: Solidarity

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Your friends and you decide to ditch your unsustainable diets and opt for getting pumped about all the memories you are about to create. Your crew also opts to share extra large cheese fries over regular fries because YOLO.

Stage Ten: Success

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Ultimately spring break is about relaxing, enjoying yourself and having fun. If you are excited about where you are going, you should focus on being present and making memories rather than what others/yourself are thinking. Odds are, many people won’t remember anyway.

#SpoonTip: Drink responsibly.