1. Waking up and determining whether or not you should go to your bagel store

There's nothing quite like waking up in your bed on the weekend. And no matter how much you want that bagel and love your local bagel store, your bed is so comfortable that you question whether it's worth it or not to get up and join society.

2. Deciding yes, you should go, and definitely in your pj's

After much contemplation, you realize that you need that bagel like you need your next breath. Leaving your bed is hard, but that's why you decide you can go in your pajamas!

3. Walking into the store like it's your home

After getting your slippers on and driving to your favorite bagel shop, you waltz on in to your (as I'd call it) second home. There's nothing like that feeling of walking through the door to the smell of fresh bagels, not to mention seeing the beautifully symmetric arrangement of rows and rows of bagels behind the counter.

4. Looking around and seeing the whole town.

Once you're done admiring the food, you look around, and to no surprise it's the whole town in front of you on line. There's your seventh grade teacher, your best friend's mom, and that one guy from high school you had a crush on by the counter. 

5. Seeing someone you know and trying to avoid conversation

Speaking of your seventh grade teacher, she probably wants to have a fifteen minute conversation with you. Yet, there's no where to go unless you just want to turn around and leave bagel-less.

6. Talking to them (and 5 other people) anyway

You then get stuck talking to your teacher, your best friend's mom, and your high school crush. While you're pretending to hate every second of it, this little voice in your mind is saying, "this is why we love the bagel store!"

7. Deciding whether you want to branch out or get your usual

Finally, you get to order and because you were so distracted by the eight conversations you had to have you're unsure what to get. Sure, there's always your regular, (a salt bagel toasted with cream cheese) but maybe you should branch out (an egg with butter). 

8. Panicking and getting your usual because who likes change??

Your long enough to be awkward "uhhhhh" finally has to come to an end because the person behind the counter is getting impatient (as is the long line behind you). So you get your usual because what's the point of trying something new, why fix what isn't broken?

9. Leaving with your bagel and avoiding 3 more people in the parking lot

Now, you have your bagel and it's time to make an escape while it's still warm. But first, you have to avoid everyone you went to middle school with in the parking lot and pretend you are having an important conversation on the phone.

#Spoontip: Make sure your phone is on silent, that would be awkward. 

10. FINALLY enjoying your bagel

Of course, avoiding never works the way you want (you forgot to silence your phone and someone called you with your phone up to your ear) and you had to have a 10-minute conversation with each person encountered. Finally, after probably an hour, you make it home and you get to enjoy your bagel!