Move over, Disneyland – Trader Joe’s hands-down is the happiest place on earth. With reasonably-priced organic, healthy (and not to mention, delicious) products paired with a homey and stress-free shopping experience, Trader Joe’s is the epitome of grocery shopping.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m 100 pecrent in the TJ’s camp over Whole Foods. But how could I not? Stocked full of hundreds of high-quality products, from magical cookie butter to the 60 products simply dedicated to all things pumpkin, all at a low price, Joe’s is clearly the winner.

But what is almost as good (dare I say if not better) than Trader Joe’s food? The people who shop there. Radiating the California-cool vibes that are grounded in the making of the grocer, the breadth and scope of Joe’s shoppers are almost as unique as the products themselves.

Washed-Up Surfer


Photo courtesy of @traderjoeslist on Instagram

After a long day of shredding the gnar, your average stringy-haired surfer dude will pack up his stuff, tie his surfboard the roof of his Jeep, and head to Trader Joe’s. There he will buy a pack of the amazing Dried Fruit Just Mango Slices and a bag of the Happy Trekking trail mix because, of course, he’s on a budget (having no real job and all) and also because he can stash these treats in his car for a little snack if he gets hungry while surfing.

Old Tan People


Photo courtesy of @don_brown on Instagram

As any grocery store attracts the elderly, Trader Joe’s specifically draws in the super tan ones. With tasty organic products and the most unbelievably friendly customer service, all inspired by the classic mellowness of California, there’s no question as to why Joe’s is a hot spot for the aged and sun-exposed. Their go-to buys include microwavable organic brown rice, apple sauce, and Green Olive Tapenade.

Guy in a Hawaiian Shirt


Photo courtesy of @yelptulsa on Instagram

Hands-down the employees make shopping at Trader Joe’s the best experience possible. Easily identifiable in leis or Hawaiian shirts, TJ’s employees are crazy helpful and always looking to help customers navigate the store. Not only that, but employees blend in with the fun tiki vibe by ringing the absolute cutest bell (for details check out fact #6) that allows employees to communicate island-style without (without a boring old PA system).

Wrinkly Workout Lady


Photo courtesy of @lisasgoodson on Instagram

Addicted to the gym and all things healthy, of course, these ladies will shop at Trader Joe’s religiously. Decked from head to toe in all Lululemon apparel, wrinkly workout ladies unite in taking a quick break from their yoga and pilates classes to pick out some Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole, a green smoothie, and Raw California Almonds.

Trendy Mom with Baby


Photo courtesy of @foreverkellyjo on Instagram

Stopping every so often to snap a quick pic of her adorable baby giggling in the grocery cart, this trendy mom goes through aisle after aisle, searching for the highest-quality and easiest meals to quickly prepare for her temper-tantrum prone child. With items on her shopping list ranging from Chocolatey Cats Cookies (for people), which will please her teething baby, and some of TJ’s famously cheap (but super good) wine to share with her husband after the baby goes to bed.

Hipster Entrepreneur


Photo courtesy of @gtbynumfortulsamajor on Instagram

Girl or guy, this hipster entrepreneur is creating an up and coming app or company that is gonna make it big. Working day and night on their business venture, they don’t have time to make any meals, so they rush through the store straight towards the frozen foods section (which at Joe’s is super clutch) and pick out the famous Mandarin Orange Chicken and Chocolate Covered Almonds (because Trader Joe’s is beyond brilliant and puts the cookies and chocolate with the frozen products). He will for sure go on to dip his new snacks into cookie butter, because why the heck not?

Apple Watch Girl


Photo courtesy of

Who’s cooler than cool and wears the trendiest gadget on her wrist? Apple watch girl. You all know who I’m talking about: the girl picking out the Pumpkin Pie Mochi Ice Cream and white hydrangeas, only the trendiest of TJ’s products of course. Sauntering around the grocer in her slick all-black outfit with an iced coffee in hand, apple watch girl knows what’s up.

Sk8er Boi


Photo courtesy of @traderjoeslist on Instagram

He was a skater boy, she said shop at TJ’s boy, and he picked up Joe-Joe’s (which were good enough for her). If you didn’t know already, Joe-Joe’s are the better version of the Oreo because of the creamier, softer filling and less-dense cookie. So, when this skateboarding guy walks into Trader Joe’s you know that he’ll be picking out these. While he’s at it, this guy’ll pick up some of the infamous Speculoos Cookie Butter to keep up his sugar rush.

Fierce Businesswoman


Photo courtesy of @saynihay on Instagram

Juggling a conference call in one hand, this woman with a plan reaches for a tub of the coveted Reduced Guilt Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip and a few seasonal flowers, for she is hosting book club at her home later in the evening. Speeding through Trader Joe’s in her stylish outfit, she adds sea salt pita chips to her basket and rushes to the checkout line. Oh, and if she couldn’t be more inspiring, she’s vegan as well.

Annoying Dogs


Photo courtesy of @mightylittlelion on Instagram

Although not technically allowed in the store for obvious sanitary reasons, there always seems to be a dog just lounging in a shopping cart, licking his lips at the sight of all of the tasty products. Weirdly enough, these pups never seem to bark, keeping the island vibes jammin’, man.