Too lazy to make yourself a decent meal? Too broke to order in food? Take advantage of your family’s empty nest syndrome and have them send you a care package, but make sure to tell them you don't need another pair of fuzzy socks or (groan) another notebook. In care packages, food (and food alone) is all that's really valued. Who needs notebooks when you have chocolate?  Here are some essential food items every student needs to ask for in their next care package.

Here's What You Need...

1. Ramen

cheese, bread, vegetable
Jessica Tang

Ramen is to college as popcorn is to movies — you can't really have one without the other.  Cheap, easy, and, most importantly, delicious, a packet of ramen can be enjoyed at pretty much any time. If you want to spice up this classic college meal, check out this recipe.

2. Microwave Popcorn

corn, cereal, rice, porridge
Rachel Livengood

Microwave popcorn is a care package essential. You can binge on your favorite treat while binge-watching your new favorite show. If you're feeling fancy, you can always try adding these mix-ins to pimp out your popcorn. 

3. Granola Bars

candy, sweet, chocolate
Emma Delaney

Any type of breakfast bar is great for those mornings when you keep snoozing your alarm. You can just grab a breakfast bar and eat it on your way to class. It's the most important meal of the day, so it's gotta be in your care package.

4. Instant Macaroni & Cheese

Instant Macaroni & Cheese is the closest thing to a classy Italian dorm cooked meal.  Part of being independent means learning to a cook a meal, and instant mac counts.

5. Keurig K Cups

tea, wine, coffee, sweet
Annie Slabotsky

Nobody survives college without caffeine. Having a Keurig machine with K cups helps your wallet, saving you ~$5 a day on coffee.  Also, when it's 2 am and you're still studying or when it's 8 am and you have class, the caffeine is just a few feet away. Check out some of the best flavors here

6. Nuts 

nut, almond, walnut, apricot pits, hazelnut
Torey Walsh

Trick yourself into thinking you're eating healthy. Nuts are protein, too.  They're portable, meaning they're easy to send in a package, and they stay good for a long time.

7. Instant Hot Chocolate

coffee, milk, chocolate, sweet, cream, hot chocolate, marshmallow
Alyssa Maccarrone

There's nothing better than curling up in a blanket and watching the snow fall with a mug of hot chocolate. Although (thankfully), even the northern schools aren't quite there yet, hot chocolate is the perfect comfort drink to make you feel warm and toasty — no matter what the temperature is. Have some extra mix left over?Dope. Try some of these recipes

8. Potato Chips

salt, chips, potato, corn, french fries
Emily Palmer

There's no such thing as just one potato chip.  Potato chips are the perfect college care package snack item because they cure salty cravings.  You can eat them on their own, or enjoy them as a side dish with a sandwich. The possibilities are endless, and their versatility is what makes them such a must-have in care packages.

9. Chocolate

candy, sweet
Camilla Baker

Chocolate isn't a want, it's a need. For bad days, for good days, for rainy days, (for all days), it's a staple that belongs in every care package, and it's guaranteed to be the first item eaten. 

10. Oreo Cookies

candy, chocolate, sweet, cake
Megan Prendergast

A college care package should make your mouth water — not keep your feet warm. (You have hot chocolate for that.) With these foods, you won't even notice the aesthetic of the box because you'll be too busy shoving your face.