The school year is underway and the first wave of exams has creeped up on us. On top of this, it's a struggle getting back into good study habits. One of the hardest parts of sitting down to study is figuring out where on Earth you should study. 

To help you kick butt on all of your exams, here are a few places to get your brain in the study zone. 

1. Brewed

Hayden Hane

Do you want to brew up some serious study sessions? If so, head down Magnolia Avenue to find yourself a seat at Brewed, a trendy local café. Brewed is sure to make studying a little more delicious. The breakfast menu will make reading your textbook a lot less stressful. 

2. Starbucks 

coffee, milk, cappuccino, cream, espresso, mocha, sweet, chocolate
Justin Schuble

The fall brings exams, but it also brings a new Starbucks menu. Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone? With a few locations around TCU's campus, Starbucks never fails as a great study location. 

3. Avoca 

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, tea, milk, cream, indian tea
Emily Rutan

Although studying may not be the new trend, Avoca on Magnolia definitely is. Enjoy a rich cup of coffee and work the day away in this quaint, relaxing café a few minutes from campus. 

4. Ol' South Pancake House

cheese, sauce
Petra Rack

Not only is Ol' South the home of the glorious Dutch Babies, but it has been one of the prime study locations for studious frogs for years. Grab a booth in the back, order a bottomless cup of coffee, and get some work done. 

5. TCU Bookstore

coffee, beer, tea, wine
Haley Ribeiro 

If you're not wanting to explore too much off campus, the bookstore has several great study spots. Grab a snack or cup of coffee and get a few reviews of your Quizlet in before class. The TCU Bookstore is a great place for meetings and group study sessions, as it offers a good amount of space. 

6. Panera

soup, bread, chicken
Caitlin Wolpe

Not only can you pick two at Panera, but you can pick a spot and crank out some serious studying. Whether you want to enjoy a healthy lunch and get to work or plan to meet a group, Panera is a great spot that combines food and studying. 

7. Buon Giorno Coffee

meat, beef, chocolate
Kana Yamamoto

If a beautiful cappuccino and warm croissant don't make you want to start studying, I don't know what will. Buon Giorno is a small coffee joint in downtown Fort Worth. With a wide range of seating and a relaxing environment, this spot is great for when you want to escape and study away from campus. 

8. The Trinity River

Courtney Heir 

If you are the outdoorsy type, this might become your new favorite study spot. Pack a picnic and snag a spot under a tree for a unique, peaceful study area. While you are cramming to get that A, you may as well be absorbing some Vitamin D.  

9. The basement of the library 

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Are you the study type that needs absolute quite? If so, your study place search can be right on campus in the creepiest part of the library: the basement. If you have some serious cramming that needs to be done this location is great for you. 

#SpoonTip: Do not bring any study snacks that will make your chewing sound like thunder. 

10. IHOP

pumpkin, toast, french toast
Jade Frederickson

One of the best ways to cope with endless hours of studying is treating yourself to some comfort foods. From countless pancake options to mouthwatering hash browns, IHOP has got you covered. What makes this study meal even better? It's open 24/7, so you have a guaranteed study spot any time of the day. 

Food can make anything better, including study sessions. Next time you're looking for a different place to get to business, try one of these local areas right by TCU.