Growing up in Texas, I have vivid childhood memories of pulling up late to Sonic in the evening (Sonic is open 'til midnight or later in the summer) and ordering a frozen, sugary, syrupy slushie. Whether you're sipping up that sweet icy nectar in the summer's evening heat, using it to cool off in the middle of the day, or picking one up at any other time for a year-round treat, rookies and experts alike can feel overwhelmed by Sonic's 1,063,953 drink options, so I narrowed it down to the 10 best slushies at Sonic.

For the record, I'm counting anything poured over the slushie ice as a slushie.

#SpoonTip: A "slushie" is also sometimes called a "slush", which is the term Sonic uses on their website, but the words are interchangeable. 

10. Green Apple

Starting off with a classic, green apple slushies are tart, sweet, and remind me largely of a Jolly Rancher. It doesn't taste much like actual fruit, but that radioactive green color should probably tip you off on that. 


Maybe this is cheating since it's POWERADE poured over ice instead of a flavor unique to Sonic, but I can't possibly think of a better way to get your electrolytes than a sweet, salty, Blue Mountain POWERADE slushie. 

8. Blue Coconut

This one was a favorite of my childhood. It tastes more coconut than blue (blueberry?), but this flavor is refreshing, tropical, and a true Sonic classic.

#SpoonTip: order an ocean water, which is a mixture of sprite and the blue coconut syrup. 

7. Frozen Sweet Tea

As a Southern girl, I certainly am partial to sweet tea: but this is a double-edged sword, as I am also somewhat of a sweet tea connoisseur. I've had my share of sweet teas, and Sonic's frozen one would definitely rank toward the top of the list. It just might be the world's perfect balance of sweet, tea, and frozen. 

6. Watermelon Lime

This one was inspired by a Pinterest post I saw a long time ago. Like any red-blooded American I often find myself craving watermelon in the summer, but I found the syrup at Sonic to be a bit too sweet for my liking. One day I decided to throw some acidity into the mix, and after that, I never looked back. 

5. Lemon Berry

This is the first one on my list that is actually made of real fruit. While lemon berry isn't on the menu anymore, I'm pretty sure any worker at Sonic will remember how to make this ideal combination of real strawberries and lemons. My favorite part of this slush is sucking the strawberry chunks out of the bottom of my straw. 

4. Frozen Classic Limeade 

As I'm sure you can now tell, I love the perfect balance of sour and sweet. Limeade for me is better than lemonade because it's a little more tart, and pouring anything over slushie ice has been scientifically proven to make it 10x more delicious. 

3. Pineapple Real Fruit 

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Caroline Liu

While pineapple has been receiving some negative press lately, it will always be a perfect fruit in my book. It's tart, sweet, tangy, bright, tropical; everything you could possibly desire in a fruit. Sonic clearly has been able to recognize its perfection, which is why they use real pineapples in this must-try slush. 

2. Frozen Cherry Lemonade

Similar to the watermelon syrup, cherry is a classic flavor that tends to be a bit too sweet for me in its natural form. Add lemonade to the mix, and you'll find yourself addicted to this summery combo. 

1. Frozen Peach Tea

I struggled for a minute trying to find the words to adequately convey the perfection that is the frozen peach tea, but all I could come up with is... you have to try it for yourself

Those are my ten favorites, but the different combinations are nearly endless! Whether you stick to the classics or set out to become a Sonic mixologist, no summer is complete without a yummy slushie to beat the heat!