This one is for all the uni students who are just too tired (or lazy, we don't judge) to cook. Whether it's due to assignments, part-time jobs, or intense Netflix binges (those count, right?), sometimes you just need a shortcut. Well, good news! You can now get the best food from the best restaurants delivered straight to your doorstep, courtesy of uberEATS Melbourne.

UberEATS is a meal delivery service app. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. Basically, uberEats has a list of restaurants that you can order from and they will deliver it to your location. As someone who has used this service numerous times, I've tried many different dishes from different restaurants. Here are my top 10 uberEats recommendations:

1. Kaki Lima

Truly a uni student's lifesaver. With less than $10, you can get a large bowl of meal, complete with rice, protein, and veggies. If you're a fan of spicy food, their Sukiyaki Cabe Ijo is a must-try. The sizzling cabe ijo (green chilli) combined with slices of beef and rice will surely evoke your taste buds. Add Indonesia's very own Teh Botol Sosro (bottled jasmine tea) to your order to make your tummy even more satisfied.

Writer's Pick: Sukiyaki Cabe Ijo, Crazy Rice, Crispy Chicken Rendang

Price: $

2. Pokéd

Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a traditional Hawaiian dish that combines raw fish, seaweed, and rice. What's great about this restaurant is that you can customise your own poké bowl. Choose your base, protein, sauce, three toppings, and voilà! One tasty, fresh bowl of poké is ready to go.

Writer's Pick: Designed By You (custom-made poké bowl)

Price: $$

3. Shizuku Ramen

On cold days where you just want to put on an over-sized sweater, snuggle on your couch, and binge-watch Parks and Rec, make sure you order from Shizuku Ramen. The tasty broth in their ramen will definitely make your day warmer. Also get their Karaage Popcorn Chicken if you're after the perfect movie snack.

Writer's Pick: Tan Tan Men, Karaage Popcorn Chicken

Price: $$$

4. Stalactites

With the biggest Greek population outside of Greece, it's no surprise that Melbourne brings the Greek goods. This popular Greek restaurant is known for being open 24 hours, making it one of the best restaurants UberEATS. They have a great variety of souvlaki combos that you can choose from (my personal favorite is the Chicken Giros Souvlaki Combo).

But whichever souvlaki combo you choose, make sure you have ticked the 'feta cheese' option under 'add-ons' before proceeding to check out. Their feta cheese will literally melt in your mouth. It's that good.

Writer's Pick: Chicken Giros Souvlaki Combo, Greek Garden Salad, Homemade Baklava

Price: $$$

5. Rice Queen

This oriental restaurant is truly the queen of savory Asian food. Their roast duck leg is served with curry so creamy and delicious that it will take your taste buds to heaven. If you're looking for something to nibble on, their crispy Korean fried chicken is highly recommended.

Writer's Pick: Roast Duck Leg, Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)

Price: $$$

6. Stokers Fine Pancakes

Who knew you could order dessert from uberEATS? This South Melbourne-based pancake parlour offers not only sweet pancakes, but savory ones as well. To my fellow sweet tooths out there who are always looking for something decadent to satisfy their cravings, Stokers' Nutella-and-banana-filled Monkey Business will make you go bananas.

Writer's Pick: Monkey Business

Price: $$

7. Mr. Burger

Of course Mr Burger has to be on the list. Their Trucker Chips have helped keep my tummy happy during many hectic nights at the library and mornings after a long night out. 

Writer's Pick: Mr Burger, Trucker Chips

Price: $$

8. The Uleg

If you're looking for authentic Indonesian food on uberEATS, I highly recommend The Uleg. Their food is a dead ringer of the food back in Indo—and their chilli sauce is no joke. Their portions are quite large too, so you can save some for the next day (two days without cooking? Sign me up).

Writer's Pick: Iga Bakar Balado, Stir Fry Kangkung

Price: $$

9. Thaiger Rabbit by Ying Thai

Another one of the best Thai restaurants on uberEATS. Their Tod Mun (Thai fish cakes) have been my study companion more times than I care to admit and they never, ever disappoint. 

Writer's Pick: Tod Mun, Gai Tod, Tom Yum Ta-Lay

Price: $$

10. Gami Chicken & Beer 

You can order either 8 or 12 pieces of delicious Korean fried chicken wings from this well-known restaurant. It's perfect for when you're having a few people over (or maybe you just want them all to yourself. It's okay, we understand). 

Writer's Pick: Gami Wings (Original Fried, Sweet Chilli)

Price: $$

So whether you're at the Baillieu Library cramming for your exam or just at home being a couch potato, uberEATS is always there to deliver the best eats from these awesome, affordable restaurants.