Spoon UDelhi‘s food photography competition What’s On Yo’ Plate, Mate? received some beautiful entries from across the world. The talented food photographers who participated took the competition to a whole new level. All the entries we received were simply brilliant.

As promised, we’ve selected the ten best photos for you to feast your eyes on. This is food porn like never before.

1. Prashansa Choudhary

Red velvet cupcakes, anyone?

2. Shruti Maheshwari

A photo posted by Shruti (@shrutimaheshwari12) on Mar 21, 2015 at 7:28am PDT

Looks like red is the colour of the season. Here’s some more red velvet.

3. Leandra Caprini-Rosica

Doesn’t this avocado toast look absolutely amazing?

4. Spoon University – Rochester

How can such a colourful fruit tart not win hearts?

5. Spoon University UNH

No matter how old we get, we will always prefer fruit loops over cornflakes.

6. Isabelle

A photo posted by Isabelle (@vbellester) on Apr 4, 2015 at 1:38pm PDT

These baklava cups look as good as they must have tasted. 

7. Naina Sagar

This wine looks divine.

8. Victoria Vanbrandt

This makes us want to indulge right now.

9. Fordham Spoon

A photo posted by Fordham Spoon (@spoon_fordham) on Mar 11, 2015 at 7:34pm PDT

Donut sandwich featuring cheesecake ice cream, chocolate frosting, and peanut butter chips. Need we even say more? 

10. Mallika Dhingra

More pizza, please?

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