Birthdays and anniversaries bring challenges to every relationship. What do you get him or her? Flowers? Jewelry? No. Chocolates? Boring…but maybe you’re on the right track. With a foodie girlfriend or boyfriend, you can never go wrong with the following food gifts:

Cookie Dough Subscription


Photo courtesy of @itsedoughble on Instagram

Baking cookies together can be fun… but eating cookie dough together is more fun. If you don’t want to make it yourself, (as described in this Spoon recipe), Edoughble allows you to either sign your partner up for monthly cookie dough deliveries or buy individual cups in a wide variety of flavors.

Customized Macarons


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Who doesn’t love these classy French pastries? Through Dana’s Bakery, you can build your own box of macarons that caters to his or her specific tastes. Chocolate? Check. Cotton Candy? Check. Champagne? Check. (Added bonus: impress him or her with your knowledge of macarons in this Spoon quiz).

Customized Chocolate Bar


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Why Instagram that cute photo of you two when you can do something far cooler: get it printed on a chocolate bar. That’s right. You can customize your chocolate bar with a picture or heartfelt note through Chocomize. Plus, you and your SO can work towards that summer body by eating the chocolate you buy. No, seriously.

Cake Pops


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Cake…on a stick. You can’t go wrong. If baking is your thing, try this cake pop recipe, but if not, I’m with you. Candy’s Cake Pops allows you to chose the color and quantity of cake pops you want to order. They even offer special packs for birthdays and holidays.

Stuffed Cookies


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Cookies are good, but stuffed cookies are better. Stuffed cookies are the perfect gooey treat for any foodie. You can even create your own stuffed cookie by selecting from a wide variety of doughs and mix-ins to fit his or her taste. If you want a more classic cookie to order, you cannot go wrong with Insomnia cookies, and you can find out which one you (or your SO) would be with this cookie quiz.

Personalized Oatmeal


Photo courtesy of @myoatmeal on Instagram

If desserts are not his or her style, then a healthy and hearty bowl of personalized oats will definitely do the trick. MyOatmeal provides flavors ranging from Amaretto to Cookie Dough to Dulce de Leche, and add-ins include fruit, nuts, chocolate, bee pollen, and more. If you want to be a real hero, you could also make your S.O. some breakfast in bed by checking out these variations of pancakes to make at home.

Build A Protein Bar


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If you want an even healthier option, Element Bars allows you to build your own protein bar choosing from a variety of bar bases and mix-ins. You can even add a personal message to the wrapper. If you’re feeling too lazy to order a protein bar, instead make a one-ingredient protein cookie for him or her.

Personalized M&M’s


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Although personalized M&M’s are slightly overdone, an M&M with his or her face on it on it is sure to please. Catering to your S.O.’s vanity is key. Be sure to top off this ego-pleasing gift by accompanying it the with a card that says something along the lines of, “Your face is so pretty/handsome that I wanted it on an M&M.”

Customized Trail Mix


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Make your customized trail mix as healthy or unhealthy as your S.O. desires at Chose from a wide variety of beans, peas, chocolates, pretzels, and of course, nuts to create the perfect combination. You can also customize your own tray of nuts for him or her. If you’re running low on funds, Spoon can help you make your own trail mix cheaply, which can always be a fun and thoughtful option as well.

Mini Cupcakes


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Full sized cupcakes are standard, but mini cupcakes are sure to make your S.O.’s heart melt. Baked by Melissa offers perfectly bite-sized cupcakes are only slightly larger than a quarter and come in a wide range of flavors (including gluten-free options). If you’re torn on which flavor to buy, try taking this Baked by Melissa Quiz to determine which flavor you are.