It’s scientifically proven that caffeine boosts productivity, increases memory, and improves your mood. It’s also a statistically supported fact that I’m drinking coffee as I write this article. The bottom line is that coffee is great, and that the next time you need to study, you should check out these coffee shops. Here’s a list of the ten best coffee shops in Nashville for studying. They’re places where you can stay for a while, always find a table, and get good coffee and food while you’re there. Because we know you're going to get coffee anyway, so you may as well try a new place and stay for a good time.

1. Barista Parlor (the Gulch)

Out of the three Barista Parlor locations in Nashville, the Golden Sound one is the best for studying. It’s designed around the theme “air” (the others are sea and land), so it’s brightly lit and decorated in light blues and white that make it perfect for writing that paper you’ve been putting off for a week. It has long, communal tables, it’s close to campus, and it only serves food on the weekends (which means it isn’t crowded with brunchers so you can actually find somewhere to sit). The building used to be a recording studio and it has large garage doors that are open in the summer and let light in during the winter. It has a record player, it’s own on-site roasting facilities, and the baristas look like they just came from Urban Outfitters (mustache, rolled-up pants, and multiple tattoos are apparently a must). Order the Whiskey Caramel.

2. Frothy Monkey (the Nations)

The Frothy Monkey on 12 South is a classic, but if you’re looking for a spacious, bright spot that is great for studying, check out the new location in the Nations. While the Nations is one of Nashville’s oldest neighborhoods, it’s now a fast-growing area where you can find trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and a silo with a mural of an old man (all on the same street). The Frothy Monkey building used to be the Belle Meade Hosiery Mill, and since they kept the original building, you can find exposed brick, rustic windows, and high ceilings. It has different sized tables so it’s great for lone studying or a big study group. It also has outlets along all the walls, and it serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you can stay all day. Also, since not a lot of people know about it, it’s still possible to get a table on busy days (although including it in this article probably undermines that incognito vibe a little). Order the Hummingbird.

3. Ugly Mugs (East Nashville)

Although it’s in East Nashville, Ugly Mugs is worth the 15-minute drive from campus, if only because it’s one of the few study spots open until 10 PM. You can probably guess from the name, but Ugly Mugs is a laid-back, no-frills kind of spot (and yes, the mugs are indeed ugly). It has a relaxed atmosphere, cheap coffee, and couches, communal tables, and small tables to fit all your studying needs. It serves pastries from local bakeries (think: Sweet 16th, Dozen Bakery, and Bagel Face Bakery). If that’s not enough to meet your sugar cravings, it’s also next to Five Daughters and Jeni’s Ice Cream. The baristas serve specialty drinks that they change regularly, so just order anything from that menu and I can guarantee it’ll be good. Order the Hoodie Latte. 

4. Pinewood Social (SoBro)

Pinewood Social is a Nashville classic that is famous for its brunch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner (so, basically, every food for every time of the day). It does it all: it’s a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, pool, karaoke, and bowling alley all at once, so it’s a great spot for studying (or for procrastinating, depending on your willpower and level of stress). It has couches, long communal tables with lamps and plugs, and booths if you want to order food. It also has a bar if the studying isn’t going well, and the pool has “dive-in movies” with free popcorn and themed frozen cocktails in the summer (you probably won’t be studying in the summer, but I still wanted you to know this important fact). Also, the baristas serve Crema coffee, so you know you’re getting high-quality caffeine in a high-quality environment. Order the Crema Cuban.

5. Steadfast (Germantown)

Steadfast has a fun, spacious location with great food that will make you want to study there all day. It has a brightly lit space with big, garage-door windows and room for booths, two-person tables, and outside seating. It’s a place with a culture of innovation and curiosity, so the baristas are always experimenting with new drinks (if you haven’t tried flash-chilled coffee, rested drinks, matchless coffee soda, then clearly you need to head over there and check them out). In line with this creative vibe, the food menu changes with every season, so you can try something new that fits the weather and mood. Also, if studying starts to feel like too much, they have beer and wine, and happy hour from 4 to 6 PM. Order the Butterscotch Latte.

6. Eighth and Roast (Charlotte Ave) 

The original Eighth and Roast (on 8th Ave) is a little too dark and cozy for homework, so I prefer their new location on Charlotte Ave. It has a modern vibe with a big, open space, wall-to-ceiling windows, and a roasting station that makes the whole place smell even more like coffee. It also offers ample seating options (couches, communal tables, benches, bars, etc.) and the friendly baristas don’t mind when you stay for a while. It’s close to campus, relatively unknown, and has an almond croissant that should be part of every study session. Order the Honey Lavender Latte.

7. Red Bicycle (Germantown)

Red Bicycle has multiple locations in Nashville, but the flagship store is a favorite. It’s in a historic area of Nashville, has an outside area where people bring their dogs (great for a study break), and it closes late at 9 PM. The baristas are constantly rotating latte flavors and they offer creative crepe flavors, such as a hot chicken crepe that is probably only there to remind you that you’re in the South. The place has a retro vibe, with reclaimed wood and decorations that make it look like they went to a junkyard to pick them out (in the best way possible). If this isn’t enough, Red Bicycle just opened a new location in the Nations, so be sure to check that one out too. It has Tuesday Trivia sponsored by Yazoo from 7-9 PM and you can probably run into Jojo and Jordan from the Bachelorette there. Order the Macaron.

8. Crema (SoBro)

Just off Broadway, Crema offers some of the best coffee in the city and a healthy menu that will get you through a long studying session. It’s brightly lit by a big window, the baristas roast their own beans on-site, and they pride themselves on their artisanal coffee. The tables are small, so it’s better for when you’re alone, but still worth it. They don't have any specialty drinks, but their focus on in-house roasting guarantees great quality for the classic coffees they make. Also, if you’re looking for more than just a study spot, they offer coffee-making classes on-site at their “coffee education lab." Order the Mocha.

9. BOX (10th Avenue)

BOX is a new location by Bongo Java that has a coffee bar, an on-site bakery, and a yellow, geometric design that makes it a great place for studying (maybe geometry?). The baristas make seasonal drinks and some interesting classics, such as coffee infused with grapefruit, Olive and Sinclair chocolate, and matcha rose whipped cream (not all at once). The location is close to 12 South and next to a yoga studio, so there are plenty of options for a study break. They close early at 5 PM though, so while it’s a cool spot, it’s not the best for night owls. Order the Grey Skies.

10. Dose (Riverside Village)

Dose is another late-night coffee shop that offers more than just a quiet study space. It has an on-site bakery, food throughout the day, and seasonal drinks. If that’s not enough, Dose has fun events like poetry readings, coffee-making classes, and Trivia on Thursday at 7:30. Also, if you need more studying motivation, you can buy yourself flowers at Amelia’s Flower Truck when it stops at the Riverside location. Order the Barcelona.

With so many coffee shops in Nashville, now you have one less excuse to prevent you from getting your work done, and ten more reasons to get out of the library and see more of the city. And if you don't know what to order, I made you a coffee dictionary, so you can pretend you're the expert you're not.