With winter here, don't fret! Because all you need is some motivation and a steaming cup of coffee to begin the semester, and I've got you covered with this quick guide to what's brewing this winter near Thapar University.

1. Cappuccino

If you love a good cup of coffee, sans bitterness and super creamy, a cappuccino is the best blend for you. Find some of the best cappucinos in Patiala at CCD, Brew Estate,  and Dunkin' Donuts (trust me, no one does cappuccinos better than them). With all the coffee that I tasted, this one had the perfect blend of cream and espresso, enough to get us dreamy drunk.

2. Mocha

If you love your chocolate and your coffee and don't mind their affair, definitely go for a mocha! You can find a great mocha at Cafe Coffee Day with oodles of chocolate and some coffee art that is out of this world.

3. Espresso

Love your coffee strong and unadulterated? Go for an espresso shot at Cafe Coffee Day. This bitter elixir is bound to keep you up and running throughout the day. I recommend going for one in the morning or sometime past noon unless you want to stay up like an owl through the night.

4. Irish coffee

Known as the perfect hangover coffee, this coffee is somehow not made the way it traditionally should (it has non-alcoholic whiskey at all coffee outlets here!) but manages to go over the bar with a fantastic taste. Our favourite can be found at Cafe Coffee Day, where they do it just the way I like it—whiskey, coffee, sugar, stirred and topped with loads of cream.

5.  Hazelnut Latte

chocolate, cake
Amulya Agarwal

If you like your coffee flavoured, frothy, and with milk (alas, what a sin), you can find the best cup at Brew Estate. They also have a wider range of flavours to choose from. Just head up to it one evening, and enjoy a latte with the soothing taste of hazelnut and frothy milk, all fit into a single cup of awesomeness.

Don't like any specific type of coffee?

Dunkin' Donuts have their own baristas prepping some amazing coffee, which an old school coffee drinker (me) hates to admit.

Its Bangalore Startup coffee is a smooth blend of coffee, with a tinge of bitterness, to channel your inner entrepreneur, even when you feel like plunging into your bed.

The Tough Guy coffee is for all the "strong" coffee lover's out there (I often wonder why Dunkin' adds "Tough Guy" in front of everything).

Its Therapeutic coffee is perfect if you love your yoga, cinnamon, and weight loss regime, have a severe headache or are on your deathbed.

Finally, you can't go wrong with Dunkin' Donuts' black coffee—the name says it all.