It’s officially Holiday Season—this means an abundance of food, family, and holiday traditions. It’s easy to become more than a little overwhelmed this time of year. There are cookies to bake, gifts to buy, family members to hug, and messes to clean up. In order to help you start the season on a positive note, I thought I’d share a list of Thanksgiving fails along with some tips on how to stay thankful during these potentially trying times. These are hilarious, cringe-inducing tales from Thanksgivings past that are sure to make you smile and think of your own fond (or not-so-fond) Thanksgiving memories.

This Crunchy Surprise

“Every year for Thanksgiving my aunt makes Thanksgiving pudding in huge batches. It’s a dessert that’s made by soaking raisins in rum in large buckets and then baking them into a cake. One year, we were eating it and we cut it into slices. My mom comments that she found something crunchy. My grandpa’s friend then goes: 'I think I just found a bug leg.' Immediately, everyone stops eating and I cut my slice and find a whole cockroach in my piece. I then take it upon myself to cut the whole cake and I found seven different cockroaches and all their body parts. They must’ve crawled into the buckets when the raisins were soaking and then were baked.”

A New Meaning to Mood Lighting

“The power went out in the middle of cooking. Fortunately the turkey had been finished, but most of the sides were still a little unfinished. We ended up finishing the sweet potatoes in the grill and finished the marshmallows on top with a blow torch. We ate Thanksgiving dinner in the dark!”

This Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction

“I sat on a broken wine bottle and ripped a huge hole in the butt of my jeans so I HAD MY ASS EXPOSED the entire Thanksgiving with my family of 40 people.”

A Good Intention Gone Wrong

“Once, my grandma's boyfriend came to Thanksgiving and asked 8-year-old me if I wanted a pepper that he grew in his garden. Being young and naive, I said yes, then proceeded to take a big bite out of it. I soon ran up to my grandma crying because my mouth was on fire! She then gave me milk and proceeded to scold her boyfriend for giving me a pepper as I cried with my milk.”

How To Stay Thankful During Holiday Stress

Besides being thankful that none of these stories happened to you, here are some other ideas for staying thankful during the holiday season:

1) Attend or host a Friendsgiving

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like spending time with friends and family. Have a Friendsgiving with your squad and be thankful for all of the amazing people in your life.

2) Bring back your favorite holiday tradition

Every Black Friday, my mom, sister, and I get peppermint hot chocolate and go shopping. It is this tradition that makes me so grateful for the holidays and all the love the season inspires. If you don't already have a favorite tradition, create a new one that makes you grateful for the season.

3) Read these holiday-inspired articles

Be thankful for all of the tips and tricks others have shared on how to survive the holidays.

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Holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. Between cooking, cleaning, hosting, and shopping it seems as if there's not enough time to get everything done. Hopefully, these Thanksgiving fails and tips will help you to slow down and appreciate the season of giving.