Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and spend time with family and/or friends while eating copious amounts of food. But, as everyone knows, coming home from school to all of your relatives' questions can get a little overwhelming, so why not wash down all that food with some adult beverages with this thanksgiving drinking game?

If you're under 21 or don't drink, you can substitute mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sparkling cider, or another non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. No matter which version you play, get your relatives involved, because when your grandma whips out the margarita mix (or second bowl of potatoes), you know it's gonna be a good time.

House Rules

Fill up a cup (ideally of the Red Solo variety) with beer, wine, a mixed drink, or any other beverage of your choice. Make sure you have liquor on hand for when it comes time to take a shot (please drink responsibly, you can always bring out the Martinelli's).

Take a Sip If...

- Someone says "Happy Thanksgiving!"

- You think about pie.

- Someone mentions "tryptophan."

- Someone mentions Donald Trump.

- Someone asks how classes are going.

- Someone comments on how "moist" the turkey is.

- Someone claims their turkey is dry.

Finish Your Drink If...

- A relative asks you about your love life.

- People get into an argument at the table.

- Someone mentions Hillary's emails at the table.

- Someone asks what your plans are after graduation.

- Someone asks when you and your significant other are planning on getting married (refill your cup if they ask about children).

- Someone re-enters the living room having changed into sweatpants.

Take a Shot When...

- A relative tells an embarrassing story from your childhood.

- Someone turns on the football game (take two shots if they put it on mute).

- Someone brings up the Adele Thanksgiving Miracle video from last year (take two shots if they play it).

Have fun with this, spend some time in the company of your family, give thanks, and enjoy a nice home cooked meal. Happy drinking and Happy Thanksgiving!