Are you itching to have Thanksgiving early and can’t wait for your mom’s home-cooked meal? Are you unable to get home for the holiday? Last week, I couldn’t get the idea of gravy and cranberry sauce out of my head. I needed my Thanksgiving fix ASAP! All I had in my dorm room was a microwave, so it wasn’t going to be easy but I figured it out. Here’s how you do Thanksgiving DORM STYLE:

Stuffing: For the stuffing I chose to go with the classic Stovestop stuffing ($2.28 at Hiller’s). All you need to make this is the mix, water, and butter (I know you have some stashed in the back of your fridge, and a glass bowl. Pour the desired amount of Stovetop in the bowl; add a slash of water, and a spoonful of butter. Place it in the microwave for 1½ minutes and the stuffing is ready (I promise this will give your mom’s stuffing a run for her money.

The Meat: Not going to lie I am a chicken fan more than turkey, so this Thanksgiving recipe was made for me. My go to meat is a ready-made rotisserie chicken from Hiller’s. They usually cost around $8 for an entire chicken, and the price goes down if you get half or just the breasts. This chicken is juicy, well seasoned, and is great to keep in the fridge for a few days for leftovers.

The Sauce: Lastly you need the sauces. I prefer the boxed gravy and cranberry jelly sold at Whole Foods; they are on sale currently for $3 a piece. These are easy to use just cut off the top of the gravy and stick in the microwave for 30 seconds; the cranberry jelly is good to go as is.

The result—one fulfilling pre-Thanksgiving meal right in the comfort of your own dorm! If your feeling extra indulgent head to Zingerman’s and pick up a slice of their famous Pumpkin Pie.