I recently came to the realization that a ton of things my family and I find completely normal can seem really strange from an outside perspective. This got me thinking about traditions that a lot of people take part in that they think are totally normal but are actually not at all if you're not used to them. 

I was born and raised in Venezuela and didn't celebrate my first all-American Thanksgiving until about a year or two ago. Through my "outside perspective" I realized: you guys think this stuff is totally normal, when in fact a lot of these traditions are, um... not. So I'm just here to remind you that even though you're used to it, Thanksgiving is a weird holiday, and a lot of the things you do are—well, strange.

Here is a play-by-play of my thoughts during Thanksgiving dinner:

1. How many people are coming to this thing?

Do all their family gatherings include this many people or is this like a once-a-year thing?

2. Holy yum—look at all that food!

Sydney Segal

I've never seen so much food in my life.


Oh wait, never mind?

4. We have to say what we're thankful for before we get to eat...? 

That's a lot of pressure... um, I'm thankful for this food — do I get to eat now?

5. I wonder what stuffing is made out of.

I feel like it's probably kinda gross. They're stuffing ~something~ into a turkey, I feel like that's not pleasant for anyone.

6. LOL, I lied.

Stuffing is amazing. I dig it. 

7. Cranberry sauce?

jam, sweet, berry, marmalade, gelatin, cranberry sauce, compote
Helena Lin

Like jelly on my turkey? I mean I'll try it I guess...

8. What is under the marshmallows?

*It's sweet potatoes.* Um, what? How does that even happen? Why does that even happen?

9. There's cranberry on my turkey and marshmallows on my sweet potatoes... 

pumpkin, sweet, cream, sweet potato
Lauren D'Amore

This is madness. These people are crazy. Can I have an arepa instead? 

10. Send help, I'm so full.


11. I mean, I guess I can have some pie.

That seems doable — even though I just had 2 full plates of stuffing.

12. Is pumpkin pie even good?

I've only ever eaten pumpkin in the form of a soup or a latte, no in betweens. I'm confused again.

13. Oh. my. lanta — I've truly been missing out. 

pie, chocolate, sweet, cake, pastry, cream, coffee, pumpkin
Courtney Cheng

I've made an executive decision: I love pumpkin pie. 

14. I'm so sleepy. I'm so full.

Am I dying?

15. I totally get why this only happens once a year.

That was a lot, but oh so good. Oh, and y'all are still weird.