There’s honestly no better feeling than getting a good deal. Whether it’s a clothing sale or a price-fixed special, there’s nothing that beats paying less than everyone else. Applebee’s helped people achieve that feeling by introducing their dollar margaritas last year, and now, TGI Fridays is looking to get in on the fun with new all-day happy hour deals, called the "Fridays 5".  

Unlike Applebee’s drink specials, TGI Fridays' deals do not just pertain to one drink. Nope, they’re even better. Instead, there's a selection of four alcoholic for just $5. That means you can get a frozen Blue Hawaiian, a Long Island Iced Tea, and two different types of margaritas for $5 each at any time, on any day. Talk about a steal!

And if the $5 drinks aren't enough, Fridays is also offering a $5 food menu (only available at the bar). If you’re a fan of chicken quesadillas, warm pretzels, cheeseburger sliders, boneless wings, giant onion rings, or all of the above, TGI Fridays should definitely be your next stop.

These $5 deals may be starting this summer, but it doesn’t stop there. These are going to be permanent happy hour deals at all TGI Fridays, so just because summer eventually ends, it doesn’t mean that saving money when eating out has to end, too.