In February of 1990, TERRA Chips, baked chips made with various vegetables including taro, parsnips and yucca, were first conceived by two New York chefs. Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki each left their day jobs at Manhattan restaurants in order to begin a prosperous catering business. With the goal of finding appetizers to enjoy at the bar, the pair of chefs constructed the TERRA Chip to be enjoyed as a flavorful snack or meal accompaniment.

Distinct from other chips with their shiny black bag and silver lining, TERRA Chips are also set apart by taste. They come in several varieties of flavors with each containing a mixture of colorful root vegetables that makes for a light, crunchy and undoubtedly satisfying snack. Better yet, munching on TERRA Chips will fulfill any junk food fix, without the guilt that comes along with unhealthy eating, because the chips contain only all-natural ingredients. In fact, each one-ounce serving of TERRA Chips includes a full serving of vegetables without any trans fats.

So, the next time you find yourself craving those oily and over-salted potato chips, choose this far healthier alternative.

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