Not exactly sure what you want to do for a job? Your ice cream choices can say a lot about you. Maybe you're an Americone Dreamer, constantly (half) baked, or you like spending time outdoors phishing. Whether you like chocolate chunks, caramel swirls, or fudge brownies can reveal more than you think. So, tell us your go to Ben and Jerry's flavor and we'll tell you your future career.

Americone Dream: Politician

If even your choice of ice cream screams patriotism, you were born to be a politician. Much like Stephen Colbert, you are charismatic and informed on political issues. You can balance fun and serious topics, like Americone Dream balances crunch and sweetness. You're optimistic and are always "dreaming" about solutions to problems.

Phish Food: Camp Counselor

With marshmallow, chocolate and little fudge fish, Phish Food is the perfect ice cream for a future camp counselor. You love spending time outdoors, roasting marshmallows over the campfire and joking around with kids. You are naturally outgoing and fun, and an ideal leader. 

Half Baked: Cannabis Dispensary Operator

Half Baked is the perfect combination of chocolate, vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownies. You are someone who can take all the different parts and make them work together, a crucial skill in operating your dispensary. Additionally, your trips to Ben and Jerry's are usually as a result of the munchies.  

Save our Swirled: Environmental Activist

Much like Ben and Jerry's, you have a commitment to environmental causes. You care about making sure your food is Fair Trade and has minimal environmental impact. Your passion for the cause indicates your future as an environmental activist. Much like this Ben and Jerry's flavor, you're ready to change the world. 

Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Psychologist

Chocolate Fudge Brownie is the one flavor that is always there when people are sad. If their significant other just broke up with them or their dog died, chocolate fudge brownie helps them through it. You are the chocolate fudge brownie. As a psychologist, you constantly have people coming to you with their problems and you're always there to pick them up when they're down.

Cherry Garcia: Popstar

You have the ability to channel many stars. As a fan of Jerry Garcia's namesake, you were born to rock, and like Katy Perry, you've definitely tasted some cherry chapstick. Maybe it's time to write a song about your favorite cherry ice cream. 

Chunky Monkey: Elementary School Teacher 

Like banana ice cream, you're fun and unique. You love coming up with simple rhymes and working with kids. You're compassionate and patient while still being enthusiastic–the perfect elementary school teacher.

Turns out your ice cream choice can mean more than you thought, especially when it comes to your future. So make sure you consider that when you're picking out your flavor this Free Cone Day, April 10, at a Ben and Jerry's near you