Eating and Instagram feeds have become truly inseparable—see any aesthetically pleasing foodie account for reference. Ice cream in particular, is one of the most 'grammable foods out there. But have you ever wondered what your ice cream preferences say about your social media habits? Here's what your favorite scoop flavor says about you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: DM-er

Just like the bonus bits of cookie dough hidden in you favorite flavor, you like to drop discovered gems (read: memes) into your friends' inboxes. Or you try to make some new friends by sliding through a follower's DMs. You're easygoing and charismatic, so even something as cocky as slipping into someone's DMs can be, somehow, it works well for you.

Strawberry: Consistent Supporter

You're a good friend to have on social media. You like your friends' posts, comment supportive compliments, and never miss a post. Your comments never get the most recognition, but they're dependably positive, just like your spirit. 

Chocolate Fudge: Foodie Liker

You follow every food porn account imaginable, and spend hours watching recipe vids on loop. You enjoy saving videos of recipes you know you'll never be able to recreate, and procrastinate on your homework by studying icing techniques and dessert decoration.

S'mores: Celebrity Engager

You follow all of the Kardashians, Steph Curry, J. Cole, and Ashley Graham, and celebrities of the world. And not only that, you comment regularly on their posts. You got a reply from Behati Prinsloo once and you can't stop bragging to your friends about it. You and your s'mores just can't resist being a little extra.

Mint Chocolate Chip: Stalker Extrordinaire

You're actually years-deep into your brother's girlfriend's cousin's dog walker's account while reading this. You can find anyone, no matter how obscure the connection, in minutes. You're the friend that flies just below the radar, so you've always somehow overheard the latest gossip.

Coffee: Snarky Commenter

You comment on all the posts in your feed, except it's usually to make fun of your friends rather than compliment their photography. You do it out of love, but sometimes others don't recognize that it's your way of showing affection and they get a little offended.

Cookies & Cream: Lurker

Cookies and cream is the flavor that always seem to be available in some form. Consistently present, never the most flashy, but always there—just like your online presence. You see everything, but rarely toss out a like. A comment is unheard of, and don't even mention a DM.

Soft Serve: Occasional User

You go though social media phases; sometimes you're on Instagram every hour, sometimes you go weeks without checking your feed. You were on board from the beginning on the app, but you don't like how constant it has become and would really prefer the good old days of the pre-Insta stories era.

Non-dairy: Spontaneous Liker

You scroll through your feed aimlessly, but throw out your likes to posts that you genuinely enjoy. It doesn't matter if the picture is a selfie, a landscape shot, or some beautiful latte decoration—whatever strikes your fancy in the moment, you'll appreciate.

Whatever kind of user you are, you know the best way to scroll through Insta is with a scoop of ice cream in the other hand. So get eating, keep on scrolling, and keep on stalking if you love mint chocolate chip.