Okay you Pokémon masters. Since the world is currently obsessed (dare I say dangerously so) with the new Pokémon Go App, I felt there was a need to re-imagine and compare some of your favorite Pokémon (by type) to foods you’d find in New York City. While you’re out there hatching eggs or conquering the latest gym, you’re sure to build up an appetite. Let’s have fun, shall we?

Charmander – Spicy Cumin Lamb Hand-Ripped Noodles, Xi’an Famous Foods


Photos courtesy of crunchyroll.com and @edenc4 on Instagram

Like this Charmander, these noodles may look harmless, but they unleash some serious heat/firepower. The spicy noodles with lamb starts off with a little kick and then packs a serious blast of heat in your mouth. When eating these bad boys, you’ll definitely want to indicate the spice level of your liking. Make sure to have some water at the ready.

Squirtle – Raindrop Cake, Darren Wong


Photos courtesy of pokemon.wikia.com and @suiikii on Instagram

What is this thing exactly? I can tell you this, it’s the coolest thing to hit NYC this summer. People are going crazy over this odd dessert. It has a gelatin consistency (like flan) and is accompanied with a soybean flour and a sugary syrup. Join the Squirtle squad along with the rest of NYC and see what the hype is all about. All the cool kids are doing it.

Bulbasaur – Avocado Toast, Bluestone Lane


Photos courtesy of giphy.com and @sharibayer on Instagram

Avocado toast is super healthy, incredibly delicious, and fulfills your daily dose of necessary greens. With the copious amount of veggies on this toast, you’re sure to absorb all those nutrients just like the Bulbasaur does. It gives you all the energy you need for all those gym battles.

Pikachu – Magnolia Cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery


Photos courtesy of pokezorworld.com and @magnoliabakery on Instagram

These cupcakes are loved by all, just like Pikachu. They’re sweet, fun, and pretty darn adorable with their signature swirl. They’re also hands down the most popular item on the menu, just like Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon out there. If I’m ever in the mood for a buttery, fluffy cupcake, Magnolia, I’d choose you.

Clefairy – Cotton Candy Boba, Vivi Bubble Tea


Photos courtesy of news.com.au and @vivithefoodi on Instagram

These beautiful creations are mesmerizing. They take your typical bubble tea and go one step further by topping it off with a nice hunk of fluffy pink cotton candy. It’s as if Clefairy is using its cosmic power on this little dessert. It looks like it comes straight from the moon. This drink is stellar.

Staryu – Rainbow Bagel, The Bagel Store


Photo courtesy of pokemon.wikia.com and @vzilla on Instagram

The true star of the NYC bagel scene is undoubtedly the famous Rainbow Bagel. People travel across oceans (okay, maybe not) to get their hands on this viral food fad. Staryu, you have some serious competition in the limelight.

Vileplume – Macarose, Amorino


Photos courtesy of aminoapps.com and @fifteenspatulas on Instagram

The macarose is a gorgeous work of art. They take frozen gelato and shape it around a cone (and sometimes a macaron) so that it takes the form of a rose. Their flavors range from the more fruity type, like mango, to the savory based, like coffee. With a few scrapes of gelato, you have yourself a dessert that looks just like a Vileplume.

Tangela – Ramen Burger, Keizo Shimamoto


Photos courtesy of reviewingpokemon.wordpress.com and @thefoodjoy on Instagram

Aside from the fact that a Tangela looks exactly like a Ramen Burger, you’re going to get tangled up in all the hype that Keizo created. Ramen is shaped and cooked to great two unique buns that wrap around a juicy beef burger while still keeping that classic ramen flavor intact.

Articuno – Rolled Ice Cream, 10 Below Ice Cream


Photos courtesy of aminoapps.com and @sheamurrell on Instagram

At arctic level temps (like Articuno’s blast), this unique ice cream method spreads out an ice cream base onto a below-freezing temps plate and spread paper thin. Once the desired texture is set, the staff members scrape the thin layers into rolls and then add toppings to your heart’s content.

Snorlax – Black Tap Milkshakes, Black Tap


Photo courtesy of plus.google.com and @brunchboys on Instagram

These out-of-control milkshakes will leave you feeling just like this Snorlax. Although these shakes have a simple ice cream base, the over-the-top toppings make for a jaw-dropping picture and a belly-bursting feeling. Good thing salad exists, huh?

So friends, put on your walking shoes and head to these amazing NYC spots. After going down the list and eating all these amazing foods, you’re going to walk some of it off. And while you’re at it, you might just run into some Pokémon along the way. Happy hunting and happy eating.