Halloween is the one time of year that those of us trying to become adults are allowed to revert back to our elementary school selves and overboard on sugar. I have my favorite Halloween candy treats, and I'm sure you do, too. But have you ever thought about what those favorites say about you? 

Well, now you can know exactly what your favorite Halloween candy says about your personality. And in true Halloween spirit, these life truths are being revealed through your future epitaph.

Candy Corn: "Read at 10:23 pm."

Allie Hicks

You live your life how you want to live it. You don't care what other people think, especially not what they think about your candy choices (or your lack of inclination to respond to texts). Seriously, you're brave for keeping your read receipts on. You're a lone wolf who stays true to who you are, and people begrudgingly respect you for it.

Skittles: "The adventure continues."

You're constantly going from place to place. You like having a foot in every social group, but are used to not feeling completely attached in any of them. You brighten everyone's day in unexpected ways and always wear a smile.

Hershey's Bar: "Gone but never forgotten."

You're dependable. You don't like surprises, and you prefer small acts of kindness to grand gestures. You're a calming presence in a crazy, twisted world, and people rely on your presence in times of crisis.

Twix: "I was right."

You're stubborn—it's part of your charm. People appreciate that you always speak your mind, but it can get frustrating to argue with you because you never admit that you're wrong. However, you're incredibly loyal and don't let anyone treat the people you care about poorly. And you always eat the left Twix first.

Jolly Ranchers: "There are pros and cons to everything."

You appreciate the good and bad of every situation. Some moments of life are a watermelon-flavored, and some are grapes. And that's okay, you'll make the most of it.

Snickers: "Lover, dreamer, friend."

You're a pop culture master. You make references to everything from "I Love Lucy" to "Game of Thrones" to "Pretty Little Liars," and can name the babies of all the celebrity couples. You seem to know everything about everything, but are always open to learning more when the opportunity arises.

Milky Way: "Will be missed."

You're a behind-the-scenes planner. You don't like the spotlight, and are sometimes seen as the sidekick to your extroverted best friend. But you get things done, and you're really good at coordinating all the little details that other people would forget. 

DOTS Gumdrops: "Don't forget about me."

You're a complex breed. People may not recognize it right away, but the more they get to know you the more they realize that you're a gem through and through. You're the friend that the parents invite over because they miss you, regardless of what their child is actually doing that day.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: "Rest in peace."

cake, cream, sweet, butter, peanut, candy, peanut butter, chocolate
Laura Palladino

You're all about classic combinations—chocolate and peanut butter, Archie and Jughead, and Vineyard Vines and frat boys. You like routines and predictability, and you get a kick out of the little things in life. Your friends always know they can depend on you when they need a pick-me-up.

Junior Mints: "XOXO, ____"

You're mature, put together, and always present, but a kid at heart. You generally like things short, sweet, and simple, but are always up for a little surprise if someone else brings it your way.

Kit Kat: "I'll be back."

You're just taking a break. Everyone likes it when you're around, but you're kinda flaky and don't always follow through with plans. But when you do show face, it's always at exactly the right time.

Laffy Taffy: "Always good for a bad pun."

You're the friend that can't finish the punchline because you're laughing too hard at your own joke. No one else appreciates it as much as you do, but they humor you anyways. And they sometimes even laugh, begrudgingly.

Nerds: "Tree hugger."

You're a free spirit. You like to wear bright colors and mix patterns in your outfits, sometimes coming across more extroverted than you actually are. You'd rather go on a hike than go to a party, and you always push your friends to be more eco-friendly.

It's Halloween season and we all know every candy will have its moment. But if your favorite sweet treat is like a window into your soul, then now's the perfect time to let it out.