So I just caught up with the Kardashians and watched a video from a while back of Kourtney Kardashian teaching the world how she eats KitKats—I'll never be the same again. I know I'm late to the party on this one, but I'm thoroughly affected. And now I'm wondering—which Kardashian do I eat like? Who is my spirit Kardashian?

So clearly this isn't actually that important, and I have no idea how the rest of the Kardashians eat their KitKats, but I have matched eating tendencies with the Kardashian you are most like.

And there's about to be a bunch more Kardashians, as we all know from the constant baby news circling Kim, Kylie and Khloe and whoever else is pregnant. So take advantage of the existing selection while you can, and find your Kardashian Konnection.

Break them apart and eat one bar at a time: Khloe

Khloe is strong and independent and the seemingly most rational Kardashian. She eats her KitKats the way that makes the most sense—broken apart, individually bar by bar. If you're like Khloe, you've risen above all of the peanut gallery commentators trying to bring you down. Keep doing you.

Eat the bar bite by bite like any other candy bar (no breaking): Kim

You're an innovator, just not in the traditional save-the-world sense. You do what you like, and that's the end of it. So while I don't agree with the acceptability of your KitKat eating habits, I respect you sticking by your choices.

Break them apart, eat the edges, then eat the middle layers: Kourtney

This comes from Kourtney herself. You probably only started doing this because you saw Kourtney's video, which has something close to 3 million views on Youtube. So you're a bit of a follower, but following a powerful trendsetter is rarely a problematic move.

Break them apart and eat the bar lengthwise all at once: Kendall

You go your own way—not following your family's footsteps; instead forging a career on your own. So naturally, when it comes to eating, you do your own thing, too. And all at once, because you don't do things halfway.

Break them apart and take bites down the bar sideways: Kylie

You like to think of yourself as a creative thinker, and you're definitely successful at convincing others to buy into your brand. But its a, um, unique brand. Make your money and keep on moving right along. At the end of the day, you're winning.

Fry them: Kanye

Because you find a way to make everything more controversial. And then people admit that even though you maybe went about it a different way than they would, the product of your irrational actions is actually pretty great.

Break them apart and dip them in something else: Kris

You're looking for improvements wherever you can find them. Even if it doesn't really need to be done, you'll do it anyways. You care about people because they're people, but the money you can make off of them isn't a negative.

If you already feel overwhelmed with Kardashian content, that's understandable. I'm usually in the same boat, except this KitKat video really shook me to my core. Thanks, Kourtney.