It seems like tea has made a real comeback. No longer is tea just English Breakfast and chamomile. These days you need a tea almanac to get through all of the varieties and flavors. The choices are endless and so are the benefits for your mind, body and soul. Here are some tea flavors and their respective benefits:

Peppermint: aids digestion, stress relief, sinus relief and skin clearing

(Good ol’) Chamomile: great for relaxation and skin improvement

Ginger: great for nausea or stomach issues, has anti-inflammatory effects, fights respiratory problems, improves blood circulation, strengthens immunity and relieves stress

Hibiscus: great for curing colds, boosting energy, boosting immunity, clearing skin, aids in speeding metabolism, lowers cholesterol and lowers body temperature

Licorice: great for protecting the stomach lining, has anti-inflammatory effects, helps neutralize toxins, aids in depression and helps prevent heart disease

Cinnamon: aids digestion, helps balance blood sugar, and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant effects.

Dandelion: aids digestion, reducing cholesterol, control weight and is high in antioxidants

This list merely scratches the surface of some of the amazing ingredients you can find in tea. You can find simple teas or explore creative combinations. Some of my favorites are green vanilla, rooibos chai and white ginger pear.

I especially love loose tea (tea that doesn’t come pre-portioned in a teabag) since the flavors are pure and pronounced. I would suggest buying an individual strainer to make loose tea at home. I like this one, which can be purchased at Tealuxe.

There are tons of specialty tea shops around Boston. Here are my top three:

1. Tealuxe – This cozy little shop is calm, welcoming and warm. They have a big wall of drawers with all of their loose teas that you can smell as you select. If you can grab one of their few tables, you can enjoy your tea in the shop.

2. David’s Tea – This vibrant tea shop has three locations in Boston. You are kindly greeted upon arrival and enthralled by the silver bins of tea with colorful labels.

3. Teavana – Teapots adorn the shop and the smell of tea being sampled warms your nose. You can only purchase retail tea to brew at home, but it is worth it!

Take a trip to one of these places and enjoy a cup of tea next time you have a free afternoon. Your body will thank you!