Let's set the scene: it's 2 AM and you've been searching Google for delivery services for the past hour. You're hungry, you're impatient, and Cyber's already been closed for 4 (!) hours. As college students, we understand the difficult task of finding late-night eats around South Bend. We're torn between picking fried food and a salad that's been in the fridge since Tuesday.

Sometimes, you just need to let go and treat yourself to some not-so-healthy food. Here's a list of our favorite late-night eats in South Bend for you to choose from, with extra consideration for your sweet tooth (looking at you, sugary milkshakes). 

1. Nick's Patio 

If you're in the mood for breakfast at any point during the day, then Nick's is your place. They've got anything from omelets to pancakes to chicken and waffles, so it's guaranteed that your cravings will be satisfied. Nicely situated close to Notre Dame, it's an easy trip with friends for a late-night meal. 

2. Steak and Shake 

The oh-so glorious fast food chain is less than a 5-minute drive from campus and has all of your shake favorites. If the burgers and fries are not enough to entice you, remember that they always have a 2 - 5 happy hour during both the AM and the PM Score.

3. Jimmy John's 

If you're really feeling lazy, this sub and sandwich chain will be your best friend. Get your munch money ready, order yourself a sub, and get it delivered straight to your dorm. The convenience factor is high with this one, not having to worry about going out and not spending any real money.

4. Recker's

A fan favorite among students, Recker's at Notre Dame will help you indulge in anything ranging from sweet to salty. They offer pizza, sandwiches, fro yo (we highly recommend this choice) – what more could you want? They also have healthy options on their menu, too, so be sure to check those out.


Want a fun and light atmosphere? Head to the local IHOP and order yourself some tasty flapjacks or any other hearty breakfast item. The servers are friendly, the booths are comfy, and best of all, it's open 24 hours. Keep in mind that we're less than a month away from National Pancake Day (March 7, 2017), so get your tastebuds ready! If you want to order healthy on the menu, this guide will point you in the right direction.