By now, you’ve likely heard more than a few things about Taylor Swift’s tenth original album Midnights. A record-breaking project from the American Music Awards’ Artist of the Decade, Midnights has received no lack of internet and in-person hype. As a self-proclaimed Swiftie who also enjoys late-night snacks, I’ve compiled a definitive guide to which of my favorite midnight snacks you should try based on your favorite of the original thirteen songs from Midnights.

1. "Lavender Haze" = Corn Chips

Sydney Pearson

I received this bag of corn chips at a club meeting, and while they weren’t my favorite at first, they’ve grown on me tremendously over the past few months, and now I continuously crave their slightly spicy kick. In a similar vein, coming off of two years of the Folklore and Evermore era, the first song on the album, with its techno pop beat, surprised me a little bit. However, with a few more listens I’ve grown to enjoy it immensely. 

2. "Maroon" = Girl Scout Tagalongs

Seeing that Maroon is my favorite song on Midnights, it’s only natural that I paired my favorite midnight snack with it. “Maroon” is a great song to jam out to, but the lyrics are sad, all about the memories of a relationship past. In the same way, Tagalongs are delicious (I ate through three boxes in a remarkably short amount of time last year) but the knowledge that you only get them once a year is bittersweet. 

3. "Anti-Hero" = Soup

herb, garlic, broth, bread, vegetable, parsley, cream, soup, spoonful of soup, butternut squash, butternut squash soup
Julia Gilman

If this song, an exploration into Swift’s insecurities, is your favorite of the album, I would like to reach through this screen and give you a hug. Sadly, that is not an option, but I can offer my most comforting midnight snack: soup. My personal favorite is a butternut squash soup a family friend made for us a few years ago. Eating it in an empty kitchen with some toasted sourdough bread was a perfect relaxant in the midst of an incredibly stressful period of my life, and hopefully it can do the same for you. 

4. "Snow on the Beach" = Bread with Jam and Cheese

bread, cream, butter, cheese, jam, baguette
Caroline Ingalls

Last summer I found a wheel of brie cheese in my parents’ fridge, spread it on some toasted bread with jam, and thus emerged the snack of my cottage core foodie dreams. “Snow on the Beach” is an ethereal song, perhaps the closest song in Midnights to Swift’s Folklore music. Like the perfect pairing of bread, jam and cheese, the song also brings together the power combo of Taylor and Lana Del Rey.

5. "You're on Your Own, Kid" = Applesauce

Sydney Pearson

When I just want a light snack before bedtime, I turn to applesauce, a sweet, refreshing food of childhood. “You’re on Your Own, Kid” has that same air of childhood memories and longing. Like “Anti-Hero,” if you relate to this, I would like to give you a hug, but I’ll settle on a comforting, happy childhood memory instead.

6. "Midnight Rain" = Rice with soy sauce

rice, cereal, salt, risotto
Jocelyn Hsu

“Midnight Rain” is a relatively upbeat song about a sabotaged love story. Rice with soy sauce is both savory and salty, a perfect comfort food with just a tiny kick. If you want more salt and less savory, add on some shibazuke for an extra kick of flavor. 

7. "Question...?" = Brownie

chocolate, brownie, chocolate cake, cake
Rebecca Sather Jenkins

“Question…?” is a song about a party fling. It’s upbeat but also thoughtful, a perfect pairing for a sweet, melty brownie.

8. "Vigilante Shit" = Salt and Vinegar Pringles


JeepersMedia on Flickr

My favorite snack after a long night of theater tech, salt and vinegar Pringles are a savory snack with bite. "Vigilante Shit" is a catchy song all about revenge - probably the most intense song in the album, pairing perfectly with the acidity of the salt and vinegar combo.

9. "Bejeweled" = Leftover Birthday Cake

cake, chocolate, cream, sweet, pastry, candy, torte
Ethan Cappello

 “Bejeweled” is a celebration of love, not just of someone else but of oneself. Leftover birthday cake, with its unique day-after flavor, will keep you jamming out and celebrating all night long. 

10. "Labyrinth" = Life Savers Gummies

flickr./com/photos/amanda_munoz on Flickr

“Labyrinth” is a song about the way love can rescue one from their hardest moments. So, what better snack is there to pair with this song than a sweet candy in the shape of a life preserver?

11. "Karma" = Orange Juice

orange juice

Mervi Emilia on Flickr

On nights where I’m not hungry, but I’m still craving something sweet before bedtime, orange juice is the perfect compromise. Its sweetness tinged with acidity pairs perfectly with “Karma,” "Vigilante Shit's" catchy, more subtle younger sister. 

12. "Sweet Nothing" = Chocolate Chip Cookie

chocolate, cookie, sweet, goody, cake, pastry
Katherine Baker

Perhaps the most comforting midnight snack, chocolate chip cookies have been there for me from my high school late-night cravings to pre-bedtime snacks in my dorm room. “Sweet Nothing” is a comforting, sweet love song co-written by “William Bowery,” aka Swift’s partner Joe Alwyn. What can be sweeter than that?

13. "Mastermind" = Trail Mix

6/365 - Sue's favorite trail mix

@bastique on Flickr

 A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, every bite of trail mix is a surprise. My personal favorite is the Coco-nuts mix sold at Target - with a perfect mix of nuts, chocolate, and coconut, every bite is an exciting flavor combination. Taylor Swift is notorious for her “easter eggs” in everything she does - you never know what hints to new projects she’ll hide in her music or videos. “Mastermind” is a nod to this meticulous planning and hint-dropping, making it a great compliment to a snack full of flavors and textures that are carefully balanced against one another, but that the consumer is pleasantly surprised by every time.

I hope that my list of chaotic snacks serves as inspiration the next time you get an inevitable case of the midnight munchies. Because, as any Swiftie (or anyone who has listened to "22") knows, even the legend herself enjoys a breakfast at midnight. Happy snacking!